AloEnglish: English playground for elementary school students returns on VTV7

by Hồng Quân14 April 2021 Last updated at 09:00 AM

VTV.vn - The summer of elementary school students this year will be more exciting than ever with the return of the extremely attractive AloEnglish, an English playground.

AloEnglish is the first English-language game show for elementary school students produced by VTV7. When the need to show the English skills of young people increases, AloEnglish is a playground that attracts the attention of many elementary school students and their parents nationwide.

As soon as it was released in July 2020, nearly 1,000 audition entries were sent to the show production crew. The professional advisory board had to "brainstorm" to select the top 27 teams in the country that officially entered the official AloEnglish round.

Through each part of the game, not only contestants participating in the program, but also audiences of all ages can also do their best at home while watching the show by taking part in games such as BlindFold Challenge which consists of putting together a word in English using simple letters, or the Spot and Pick contest which is finding the difference between three images through the description of the same members of the group.

In particular, in the VTV7 fanpage, the Super Choice's "quick Q&A" contest is expected to create many surprises for the audience, not only for the variety of questions but also for the "respectable" speed of contestants in answering. Viewers can also gain more knowledge and a rich English vocabulary throughout the program.

Accompanying the child contestants in AloEnglish is singer and show host Thanh Duy. In addition, there are many famous characters who speak good English such as Miss Luong Thuy Linh, the famous YouTuber Giang Oi, Khanh Vy, Kyo York, Van Hugo, TV host Duc Bao.

AloEnglish not only brings a "difficult" English challenge, but also entertainment with the participation of familiar faces which will be an extremely memorable experience for children and their families. This will also motivate many young people to practice and improve their English for the opportunity to participate in the upcoming AloEnglish season.

Parents can register their children to participate in AloEnglish Season 2 audition right now here.

With a total prize of up to VND 300 million and the opportunity to appear on television, AloEnglish Season 2 is the most worthy playground this summer for elementary school students.


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