Actor Charlie Win makes comeback at the Heart Rescue Station

by Khánh Huyền14 March 2024 Last updated at 10:11 AM - The very first episode of the Heart Rescue Station featured a familiar foreign character played by American actor Charlie Win.

Charlie Win was previously known to Vietnamese audiences for his role as Chef David in the movie Đừng nói khi yêu (Don't Speak When You Love). In his role as Chef David, Charlie left a positive impression on the audience with his handsome appearance, natural acting style, and most importantlyhis fluency in Vietnamese.

Charlie appears in a scene in Episode 1 of Heart Rescue Station

Charlie appears in a scene in Episode 1 of Heart Rescue Station

According to Charlie, in the series Heart Rescue Station, he appears in the role of a foreign investor who works alongside the character Hà (Hồng Diễm). Although it's a supporting role, rather than appearing in every episode as he did in Don't Say When You Love, Charlie is still enthusiastic about being involved. For him, whether the role is big or small, it's an opportunity to bring joy to the audience. He also expresses his gratitude to VFC for being open-minded and inviting foreign actors to add diversity to Vietnamese films. Charlie also revealed that on April 30th, he will appear in a television drama about the victory of Điện Biên Phủ on VTV. Currently, alongside filming, he is actively preparing for this special performance.

Charlie Win has been living and working in Vietnam for over 10 years. He holds American citizenship and is currently working in a variety of roles, including actor, MC, and guest on numerous television programs.

Charlie Win (Chad Winston) has had close ties with Vietnam for so long that he considers this country as his second home. He came to Vietnam to study and had worked for a non-governmental organization. The actor and presenter never intended to pursue an artistic career, but fate led him to this profession.

Charlie Win (Chad Winston) has appeared in numerous television series such as "Giọt Nước Của Dòng Sông" (The Drop of Water from the River), "Đội Thiếu Niên Du Kích Đình Bảng" (The Guerrilla Youth Team in Đình Bảng), "Tổ Quốc Nơi Cuối Con Đường" (Homeland at the End of the Road)...; and has appeared on various VTV programs such as "Nhập Gia Tùy Tục" (Adapting to Family Customs) on VTV3, "S-Vietnam" on VTV1, "VTV-Travel"...

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