Vietnam and Japan collaborate in film industry

by VTV News16 September 2015 Last updated at 13:00 PM

A scene in the film
A scene in the film "Final Days of Life in Vietnam"

VTV.vn - Along with the diplomatic ties, Japan and Vietnam have worked together on producing TV programmes and films in an attempt to provide better viewer experiences.

In 2013, the film The Partner was released to commemorate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Japan and Vietnam.

The film Final Days of Life in Vietnam was the first-ever joint feature film project and it was screened just last month.

Dang Tat Binh, Director of Final Days of Life in Vietnam, said: "The film is very humanistic. It is not a story about conflict or an action movie. It talks about the attitude of the society towards old people. So I think it is a very familiar topic but it’s current. It is connected to almost everyone".

In addition to film, both nations have also enhanced TV collaboration. Vietnam Television has signed an agreement with the Japan International Co-operation Agency to improve personnel training. VTV reporters were sent to NHK to learn about modern TV production techniques.

Ho Minh Huyen, reporter of VTV, said: "I am working in the agriculture sector. The people at NHK taught me how to choose characters, how to prepare the studios, how to interview the farmers so that they are willing to answer our questions. Many agricultural programmes in Japan that were done 30 years ago can still teach us lessons today".

VTV has also licensed the Unlimited-Sasuke Vietnam TV show which itself was a copy of the successful US show American Ninja Warrior.

Masahiko Shibayama, State Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, said: "Vietnam and Japan’s relation has strengthened after collaboration in TV and film production like this. In the future, we want to boost cultural and art exchanges as well education co-operation with Vietnam".

The film and the TV game show are just some examples of the partnership between Vietnam and Japan. The success seen in the joint work in the film industry will lay the foundation for future co-operation.

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