National Theatre to stage Hamlet

by VTV News16 September 2015 Last updated at 17:16 PM - William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, remains one of the most popular tragic dramas worldwide.

Vietnamese audiences will have a chance to watch the tragedy this October in a new version of the play by actors from Vietnam National Drama Theatre which incorporates a Vietnamese perspective.

Despite damning evidence that Shakespeare’s plays have been translated into dozens of languages and performed in various styles and different historical periods, the Vietnam National Drama Theatre are already facing criticism that they can’t perform Hamlet from a Vietnamese perspective. Despite the negativity, the director and his cast remain adamant that they’re entirely capable of delivering their own take on this popular drama.

Director - Meritorious Artist Anh Tu said: "The plot is amazing but we have to trim down lines and cut some parts so the audience can understand it more easily. I’ve added Thanh Hoa's traditional Xuan Pha mask dance to the play. The dance is well known and music troupes in the play will perform it".

To make the play more familiar Vietnamese audience, each  line, verse is translated and edited so it suits Vietnamese people's thinking and culture. This has also inspired artists in interpreting Shakespeare’s well established characters.

Ta Minh, actor of Vietnam National Drama Theatre, said: "I break the character down to make it simple. First, he is a son who lost his father. He is also a prince. Then what would he do in these situations? I will answer this question in a Vietnamese way".

The artists are wrapping up their preparations for the performance, costumes and stage design. The play is scheduled to debut at the middle of October. The play will feature music by Giáng Son consisting of a mixture of Vietnamese and classical. The team is also preparing for the World Shakespeare Festival  next year.

The Globe Theater’s Hamlet version in Vietnam The Globe Theater’s Hamlet version in Vietnam - Hundreds of viewers on Monday night enjoyed Hamlet, a masterpiece of William Shakespeare, with different stage settings and acting styles.

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