Korean photographer shares love of Vietnam

by VTV423 October 2015 Last updated at 10:53 AM

VTV.vn - A photo exhibition took place in Hanoi last week, featuring more than 20 photographs and prints by Korean photographer Lee Sang Bok.

Lee Sang Bok has been Vice Principal of the Korean International School in Hanoi since 2013. Here, he has frequent contact with Vietnamese teachers and students.

"He is very friendly. He likes learning Vietnamese, so he usually speaks Vietnamese with teachers and students here. I can see his love for the country and language." - Tran Anh Tuyet, Teacher, Korean International School, Hanoi."I first came here in 2006 to work in Vung Tau City and immediately fell in love with its beauty. Since I came back 3 years ago, I have travelled to many parts of Vietnam, including Sapa, Cao Bằng, and Cô tô Island. From these trips, I can see many similarities between Vietnam and Korea’s people and landscapes." - Lee Sang Bok, Vice Principal, Korean International School, Hanoi

In 2014, Bok opened an exhibition on Korea’s lotus at the Korean Culture Center in Hanoi. This year, he showcases more than 20 photos, capturing the beauty of Vietnamese landscapes in an exhibition called “Love”.


"The photos are soulful. My favorite is a photo of Sapa because it was taken from a unique viewpoint, capturing the beauty of Sapa in autumn." - Hoang Thi Bich Dao, Exhibition goer .

"I’ve lived in Vietnam for many years, but these photos still surprise me. They reveal the beauty of this country from a viewpoint I’ve never seen. We hope that events like this will further deepen ties between the people of Korea and Vietnam." - Park Nark Jong, Korean Culture Center in Vietnam.

Lee Sang Bok said he would like to extend his work visa to stay longer in Vietnam. He plans to open another exhibition next year, featuring photos of Vietnamese daily life.


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