Fusion of printmaking art with Vietnamese element

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Printmaking artist Quynh Tran (photo: hanoigrapevine.com)
Printmaking artist Quynh Tran (photo: hanoigrapevine.com)

VTV.vn - Printmaking is an art form of creating images by printing, usually on paper. The art consists of various techniques of multiplication such as collagraph, monotyping or woodcut.

The following report features a Vietnamese artist who has combined these foreign techniques with traditional material in many of her works.

The art of printmaking originated in China after paper was invented around the 2nd century. European printmaking began with textile printing as early when the process of papermaking was imported from the East. The art form consist of productions of images, usually on paper but occasionally on fabric, parchment, plastic, or other support. On her latest exhibition in Vietnam, Quỳnh Trần – a printmaking artist who comes from Nevada, the US has introduced her experimentations in combining contemporary printmaking techniques with Vietnamese Dzo paper.

Quynh Tran, Printmaking artist said: "I use dzó paper instead of Western paper because I think to me that’s very personal. That’s something represents the root of me. That’s my heritage".

Even though the color combinations and compositions are strong influenced by American styles, Quynh’s artworks still captures the essence of Vietnamese culture reflecting in the art form and materials.       

Vu Huy Thong, Exhibition organizer said: "I think the fact that Quynh choose dzo paper in printmaking makes it more interesting. In the western countries or other places, they widely use Japanese paper due to its high quality. However, Vietnamese paper also has its own beauty in an unique way".

During the time in Vietnam, Quynh Tran also conducted a workshop introducing Collagraph. This is a specialized printing technique on the surface of solid material. The workshop aimed to introduce and exchange techniques with local artists, art students and interested people.

Quynh Tran, Printmaking artist said: "With this basic introduction I hope that more people find that you can use all of these daily things and you can create your own artworks".

Nguyen Tung Lam, Workshop participant said "The collagraph technique allows me to go beyond the limits of colors and materials.  I can create an artwork due to my imaginations".

As a native Vietnamese artist living and working in the United States, Quynh Tran has tried to harmonize the two completely different cultures in her artworks and introduce her cultural heritages to art lovers around the world.


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