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Vietnam unveils exchange for rice and rice by-products

12/16/2022 21:47

VTV.vn - Agri Index Company has announced the start of a project to create a trading platform for rice and its by-products, which is expected to create a circular ecosystem for the rice industry.


Dong Thap export first batch of mangoes to Europe in 2022

02/19/2022 11:59

VTV.vn - The Mekong province of Dong Thap held a ceremony on February 19 to announce the export of the first batch of mangoes to the European market in 2022.


Industrial centre for seed and agricultural product processing inaugurated in Dong Thap

12/16/2019 10:35

VTV.vn - The Vietnam National Seed Corporation (Vinaseed) inaugurated and put into operation an industrial centre for seed and agricultural product processing in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap on December 14.

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Dong Thap deals with landslides during flood season

09/21/2019 11:48

VTV.vn - Floodwaters from upstream areas have caused landslides in Dong Thap province.

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Continuous erosion: Sand overexploitation?

07/15/2019 11:44

VTV.vn - Continuous erosion has occurred over past days and isolated a road section near Ong islet, Lap Vo District in Dong Thap Province.

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Craftsman makes artificial bonsai trees from copper wire

05/28/2019 10:54

VTV.vn - A young man from Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province has been creating highly sophisticated and intricate mini bonsai trees using copper wire.


Environment-friendly bags trending in Dong Thap

05/21/2019 12:00

VTV.vn - Environment-friendly bags are becoming trendy all over the world.


Specialty of Dong Thap District charms travellers

12/27/2018 22:19

VTV.vn - Thap Muoi District in Dong Thap Province has long been famous for its lotus flowers.

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Dong Thap plans to open floodgates

09/10/2018 17:31

VTV.vn - Recent floods have raised water levels to alarming heights in Thuong Phuoc 1 Commune, Hong Ngu District, Dong Thap Province.

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Week promotes culture & tourism of Dong Thap

01/25/2018 11:21

VTV.vn - The 2018 Dong Thap Culture - Tourism Week with the theme “The journey of connecting Southern cultures” kicked off on Wednesday night in the Southern Cultures Tourism Zone in Lap Vo district of Dong Thap Province.

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An Giang’s farmer task force sets Guinness Vietnam record

08/25/2015 15:29

VTV.vn - The joint efforts of over 25 thousand rice farming households and 1,300 agricultural engineers from An Giang Plant Protection Company has received Guinness Vietnam certificate for the largest farmer-backing task force.

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