Regional Branches

April, 202015

VTV branch in Danang

* VTV branch in Hue (VTV Hue) produces and exploits television programs in the Northern Central region to broadcast on VTV and VTV Hue.

* VTV branch in Danang (VTV Danang) is a financial autonomy branch which is responsible for Central Coast and Central Highlands.

* VTV branch in Phu Yen (VTV Phu Yen) is in charge of 6 provinces. Furthermore, nearly 300 billion VND has been invested to construct a VTV production center in NhaTrang in order to improve the programquality.

* VTV branch in Ho Chi Minh City is an important bridge between VTV and the audience in the South East of Vietnam. The center has financial autonomy.

* VTV branch in Can Tho (VTV Can Tho) is the main center in the Mekong Delta. VTV Can Tho creates 2 channels with different identity... Moreover, VTV Can Tho also played an active role in sending officers and engineers to help to establish National Television of Cambodia.

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