Pay TV Channels

April, 202015

Along with the system of free-on-air channels, VTV also developsa pay TV system with three partners: MTV Vietnam Cable Television limited corporation (VTVCab),Saigontourist Cable Television limited company (SCTV) and Vietnam satellite Television limited company (VSTV). These companies fulfill the majority of pay TV segmentin Vietnam.


VTVCab is a brand of MTV Vietnam Cable Television limited corporation which is 100% owned by VTV. VTVCabcurrently has 70 analog cable channels and 150 SD digital channels, including more than 30 HD channels.

SCTV is a cooperationbetween VTV and Saigontourist Cable Television limited company (VTV holds 51% of the stakes). SCTV has more than 130 channels, 25 of which are HD channels.

K+, a VSTV’s brand, is a nationwide system of satellite channels applied DTH base (direct-to-home). K+ now offers over 70 SD channels with 8 copyrighted HD channels.

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