Nationwide Free-On-Air Channels

April, 202015

VTV1: News and current affairs channel with about 20 reports and over 10 categories about news, economics andpolitical affairs, hotspot problems, the world.

VTV2: Science, technology and education channel that aims to improve livelihood of the people and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge. (Education, documentary, Science and Technology, health).

VTV3:Infotainment channel (Music, fashion, game shows, sports)

VTV4: Information channel for overseas Vietnamese and expatriates in Vietnam, expressed in 5 languages: English, French, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. (News and topics in 5 languages: English, Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese).

VTV5: Channel for ethnic minority groups in Vietnam (Programsin 23 ethnic minority languages)

VTV6: Channel forthe youth and children (Science, education and entertainment for the youth and children).

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