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Regulations on granting water resource-related licences issued

02/18/2023 17:59

VTV.vn - The Government has issued a decree detailing the implementation of the Law on Water Resources, with regulations on granting water resource-related licences.


WB-supported project to help ensure water supply for Mekong Delta

03/03/2020 14:53

VTV.vn - Officials of the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho had a working session with World Bank (WB) representatives on March 2 to discuss a water supply project for the region.

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Saigon, Mekong Delta areas have sunk nearly a meter

11/25/2019 11:52

VTV.vn - Parts of Saigon and the Mekong Delta have sunk by up to 81.4 cm over the last decade, partly due to groundwater extraction.

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Vietnam looks to tackle injury, accidents

11/15/2019 20:29

VTV.vn - As many as 3,600 injuries are reported every day in Vietnam, killing about 90 people, said Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son at a national scientific conference on injury prevention in Hanoi on November 12.

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Song Da water company begins treatment for oil-contaminated water

10/19/2019 21:41

VTV.vn - The Sông Đà Water Investment Joint Stock Company have been carrying out the treatment of oil-contaminated water at the end of Bằng stream adjacent to Đầm Bài reservoir, as well as to the reservoir's surface water.

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Japanese-funded project to help Ben Tre manage water resources

10/16/2019 14:43

VTV.vn - The Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre has launched a Japanese-funded water management project worth 266,170 USD.

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Water detected on earth-like planet

09/11/2019 13:39

VTV.vn - For the first time, scientists have identified liquid water on a planet outside the solar system, suggesting it could support life with habitable temperatures.

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Water supply drops in central region and central highlands as lakes dry up

06/22/2019 08:06

VTV.vn - The Central and Central Highlands regions are experiencing a water shortage for crops and daily activities due to a lack of rainfall, and the drastic decrease of water levels in lakes and rivers.

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VINATOM - IAEA Collaborating Centre for Water and Environment launched

04/04/2019 16:15

VTV.vn - The VINATOM-IAEA Collaborating Centre for Water and Environment was inaugurated on April 4th.

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India facing its worst water shortage in history

06/16/2018 17:25

VTV.vn - India is facing its worst water shortage in history. Six hundred million people are dealing with high to extreme water shortage, according to a report by Niti Aayog, a policy think tank for the Indian government.

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Vietnam struggles to protect water resources

03/18/2018 07:21

VTV.vn - 63% of the total 840 billion cubic metres of water in Vietnam depend on sources outside the country which is why Vietnam's water security greatly depends on activities on the Red River and Mekong River.

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Cooperation in water management

03/04/2018 17:12

VTV.vn - 780 million people have no access to safe water and water sources are being threatened by contamination.

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Water resource management and sustainable development discussed

10/27/2017 09:27

VTV.vn - When implementing projects on the main branch of the Mekong River each country should have their own assessment of how the river might be affected.

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4 water reservoirs in North open water release

08/19/2017 08:17

VTV.vn - Starting late Friday August 18th afternoon, four water reservoirs will be releasing water to ensure their safety in accordance with direction made by the Central steering committee for Natural Disaster Prevention.

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New water tank promises easy water drainage

08/03/2017 12:24

VTV.vn - Flooding is a big issue in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Support measured for effective water usage needed

05/25/2017 06:22

VTV.vn - According to a recent report by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Vietnam is facing a water shortage.

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Subterranean water reservoir hopes to resolve drought problem

05/20/2017 15:38

VTV.vn - In order to solve drought problem in the South Central region, a new idea was born. It is a subterranean water reservoir.

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Sharing transboundary water resources discussed

10/06/2016 06:37

VTV.vn - About one third of countries in the world are lacking clean water.

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Sweden co-operates in water management

01/19/2016 11:40

VTV.vn - The competition was officially launched on January 18.

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Material uses insect technology to stay dry underwater

08/15/2015 16:32

VTV.vn - Both bug and material take advantage of protrusions on their rough surfaces to resist water and stay dry.

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