VTV7 trial broadcast features

by Hien Anh22 November 2015 Last updated at 22:26 PM

VTV.vn - On the first day of trial broadcast (11:30a.m on November 20th), National Educational Channel VTV7 airs interesting programs for the audience.

With the motto “For an educational society”, National Education Channel VTV7 will take responsibility of renewing education system while reporting educational affairs to every residence.

Journalist Nhat Hoa – President of Educational Programs Center: “The distinguished point of our programs is to deliver not only knowledge, but also inspirations to the audience. We hope that our audiences would get inspired by TV programs, which contribute to build up new study routines”.

After a long process of preparation, VTV7 will be on air on November 20th at 11:30am. VTV7 will be broadcasted on Digital Terrestrial Television DVB-T2, VTVcab, SCTV. Audience owning HD, VTVcab or SCTV can tune for VTV7 during the trial broadcast.

On the first day of testing, VTV will introduce new programs, namely Wake up with VTV7, VTV7 English, Movies, Cartoons, Road To School, VTV7 School, My Book and Educational Talkshow.

Programs produced by Vietnam Television (VTV)

Programs produced by Vietnam Television (VTV)

In particular, the broadcast frame on VTV7 is educational framework (VTV7 School) with auxiliary programs for formal knowledge at Vietnamese schools system. The most interesting point of these programs is the new and creative way of conveying knowledge to the audience, differentiating from traditional methods. Learning History is awesome! ( Học lịch sử thật tuyệt ); Super mental calculations (Siêu tính nhẩm), Paths of Career (Con đường nghề nghiệp), etc. will be shown in this field.

For the first period of airing, VTV7 aims at small audiences. Therefore, programs such as Drawing with Com the frog (Học vẽ cùng Ếch cốm); 5 new English words (5 từ mới tiếng Anh mỗi ngày); Weather for kids (Thời tiết cho bé); etc. are meticulously produced and within the framework of Wake up with VTV7 (Thức dậy cùng VTV7) (6am-7am daily). These would be ideal programs for children.

Every morning, VTV7 will deliver great inspirations to the audience, ranging from children to adults, through valuable shows. Children will start a day with Drawing with Com the frog (Học vẽ cùng Ếch cốm), meanwhile, housewives will warm up with 7 minutes for breakfast (7 phút cho bữa sáng)

Entertainment will be shown on VTV7 besides other major educational programs. VTV7 will broadcast movies and stories about schools (7:45 – 8:15). Additionally, cartoons from Korea, UK, Spain and Vietnamese will be brought to the young audience.

Audiences can also watch humanitarian programs, namely Roads to Schools (Đường đến trường), My book (Cuốn sách của tôi), etc.


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