VTV Award 2019 – VTV Impression have officially started!

by QA05 June 2019 Last updated at 11:00 AM

VTV.vn - The opening of 1st voting round, VTV awards – VTV Impression 2019 was launched marking the opening of VTV Awards 2019. So how many nominations and how regulations change this year?

According to the organizer, from May 24th, the voting portal of 1st round VTV Awards – VTV Impression 2019 is opened. This voting round will be extended untill August and closed at 12 p.m on August 22nd. After finishing round 1, all the voting before will be refreshed to 0 and the 2nd round starts (at 7 a.m on August 23rd). It is also the last voting round. As usual, the 2nd voting portal will be closed on the awarding day at 7:09 a.m on September 7th.

This year, VTV Awards – VTV Impression 2019 has 10 nominations, including:

- Impressive MC

- Impressive Singer

- Impressive Actor

- Impressive Actress

- Impressive Film

- Impressive Documentary

- People of the year

- Impressive images

- Impressive cultural – science social – education program

- The show of the year

How to vote VTV Award – VTV Impression 2019: Audiences can vote for their favorite nomination in 2 ways:

- Via SMS: Text the nominee’scode and send to 8069 (1.000 VND/message). The message for 1 phone number is unlimited. The nominee’s code is on the nomination list publishedon website antuong.vtv.vn

- Directly on the website: by clicking to the voting icon in the information section of each nomination on the website.

Over the years, VTV Awards – VTV Impression has established its reputation amongartists, producers, and especially viewers. The awards not only aim to honor the people, stories, authors and the works on VTV but also guide viewers to the humanity value and national pride.

VTV Awards – VTV Impressionwasfirst organized in 2014, after 5 years, the program has received a lot of interests, follow-up and good feedback from the professional as well as the viewers.

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