Career Finding: An opportunity to experience your future career

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VTV.vn - Career Finding – a new program about career orientation will be broadcast this summer on VTV7.

You are a High School student?

You are wondering which career to choose?

You can’t have the same voice with your family in choosing your career?

You wonder whether your dream job is really like what you expected?

These are common questions that high school students are askingbefore choosing tomajor at the university: How to know whether that major suit you? Don’t worry because Career Finding – a new program on VTV7 this summer will help you to find the right answer!

The program is a career orientation for High school students helping them to “solve” their problem in career issues and finding a job for themselves.

In particular, the show will have 2 parts. In part 1 - "Who am I?", the selected student will have the chance to discuss with experts about career orientation, look at the strengthsand weakness to choose the most suitablejob. After finishing the consultancy, in part 2 - "Experience", that student will have the chance to experience this job.

Ms. Phoenix Ho - Career counselor

Ms. Phoenix Ho - Career counselor

This time, providing advice for students will be Ms. Phoenix Ho – a career counselor. She holds a Master degree in career counseling at Santa Clara University, USA and a Master degree in Education Administration at RMIT University, Australia. Although she grew up and studied in America, Ms. Phoenix decided to return to Vietnam and travel all over the country for career counseling for Vietnamese students. In particular, at the event VTV7 School Tour on the Move held at Ngo Quyen High School (Hai Phong) on May 9th, Ms. Phoenix Ho was the one who left the deep impression on students for useful advice.

To create the most diverse career experiences, the program is out for casting – looking for young students to become the guest to participating in the show. Then why don't you apply and become the new guest of Career Finding?

It is very simple! You just need to be high school student born in 2002 and 2003 and have questions about career orientation, please send your application to Career Finding by filling in the this form with this link.

Registration Deadline: Before 05/06/2019

Expected casting time: 07/07/2019 at Vietnam television, 43 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi. Every question about the show, please contact Ms. Thao (096 474 1408).

Experiencing your dream job is no longer a dream! If you don’t know which major to choose, just join us at Career Finding.

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