New educational model to boost tourism skills

by PV/VTV11 January 2016 Last updated at 13:59 PM

(Photo illustrated: VNP)
(Photo illustrated: VNP)

VTV.vn - Tourism is regarded considered a key economic sector in ASEAN. It accounts for a large part of ASEAN’s total income in recent years while creating jobs for millions of people.

Nevertheless, the quality of human resources in Vietnam still remains limited. On-site training models are therefore an ideal way of addressing shortcomings and improving the competitiveness of Vietnamese staff working in the sector.

While English entry standards for people working in ASEAN hospitality industry require a minimum 525 points, the figure for Vietnamese workers is much lower. Vietnamese workers often only master reading and writing, while speaking and listening are largely ignored. This is a disadvantage for them under the new context.

"Training institutions in Vietnam only focus on theoretical education. Students are not trained in terms of practical work. They acquire less skills compared to students in other countries despite the same period of training time", Nguyen Huu Tho, Chairman of Vietnam Tourism Association, said.       

Practical experience is also a limitation of Vietnamese students in the sector. During 4 years of college, tourism students have just 5 months internships.

The new co-operation model between United States’ Niagara University and the Imperial Hotel in Vietnam is providing these students with more knowledge, practice and work experience.

Vietnam’s tourism industry earned an estimated 34 billion dollars last year. This figure could be even higher if Vietnamese workers meet the demands posed by an increasingly integrated economy. The on-site training model, in which the training institution is also a hotel, will provide students with more practical opportunities to work and master vital hospitality skills.

Better skills mean a better visitor experience for tourists visiting the country and in turn this will help Vietnam’s tourism industry boost its earnings, providing a perfect opportunity for better, more sustainable growth of the sector.


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