Binh Dinh applies Japanese fishing technology

by VTV413 October 2015 Last updated at 05:59 AM

(Photo credit: Tuoi Tre)
(Photo credit: Tuoi Tre)

VTV.vn - Tuna is one of Vietnam’s top export items, but, as we’ve reported on numerous occasions, Vietnamese fishing relies more on experience than advanced equipment.

In a bid to promote the use of modern technology in tuna fishing, the central province of Bình Định has provided more advanced fishing equipment to its fleet, and the province has also invited Japanese experts to help trawler crews familiarise themselves with the new equipment.

A group of 4 Japanese aquaculture experts are on a tuna trawling expedition with 3 fishing vessels. They use the 3-day field trip is an opportunity for the Vietnamese fishermen to acquire advanced fishing, preservation and processing methods.

"We aim to introduce and to instruct Vietnamese fishermen on how to use the Japanese equipment. In addition, we’re researching how to improve or adjust the equipment to suit existing conditions. Vietnamese fishermen are really keen to learn new insights. The trip is quite useful", Keigo Ebata, Aquaculture Expert in Kagoshima University, Japan, said.

Each of three fishing vessels are equipped with new fishing equipment. Knowledge gained from the trip will be spread among local fishing communities.

Binh Dinh Province has exported tuna to Japan since 2014. In a bid to maintain the foothold of Vietnamese tuna in this quality-conscious market, the province has improved its supply chain.

"The local authority have called on support from Japanese companies and experts to share their experiences and training to improve our supply chain. We’ll continue to organise training courses so more fishermen can learn new skills", Ho Quoc Dung, Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee, said.

By January of 2016, 25 Vietnamese fishing vessels will officially be assigned to catch tuna for export to Japan. The fish will have to be exported to Japan within 10 days to assure its quality. And the province remains determined to maintain its exports to Japan in the coming time.

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