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Lao Cai festival highlights northwestern region’s quintessence

11/21/2021 19:00

A festival honouring the quintessence of ethnic groups in the northwestern region is underway in Sa Pa national tourist site of Lao Cai province.


Sapa temperatures dip to an unusual 12C in mid-autumn

09/15/2020 13:59

VTV.vn - Temperatures in the northern resort town of Sapa fell abnormally to as low as 12.2C on the morning of September 15, according to the local weather agency.

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Y Ty promotes public tourism

11/30/2019 12:28

VTV.vn - Along with tourism sites such as Sa Pa and Bắc Hà, the upland commune of Y Tý, Bát Xát district, Lao Cai Province has also attracted many domestic and foreign tourists.

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Extreme cold records in Bac Ha and Sapa as cold spell covers the North

11/20/2019 07:37

VTV.vn - The reported cold spell has covered the whole of the North, causing temperatures to plunge with several places having recorded extreme cold on the morning of November 19.

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Water shortage in Sapa demands new water factory

11/07/2018 17:28

VTV.vn - Sapa was officially recognised as a key national tourism site, with 2.5 million tourists arriving per year. However, the locality is facing a water supply shortage.

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Mid-Autumn Festival in Sapa

10/02/2017 10:15

VTV.vn - In response to the "Lao Cai National Tourism Year - Northwest 2017", the Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 officially kicked off last Saturday in Sapa.

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Sapa to develop cold-water fish farming

04/20/2016 15:23

VTV.vn - Salmon and sturgeon were first raised in Sapa in 2005. After 10 years, cold-water fish farming has thrived in Sapa, with a total output of 265 tonnes in 2015. However, salmon raised in Sapa is only for domestic consumption.

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Update on Northern Vietnam’s coldest period of the year

01/25/2016 09:04

VTV.vn - Northern cities and provinces in Vietnam are experiencing the strongest cold spell since the onset of winter. Snow has appeared at the northwestern region of Vietnam.

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H’mong people participate actively in community tourism

08/25/2015 17:28

VTV.vn - A H’mong market day, typically found in the north-western region of Vietnam just took place on Monday in Hanoi.

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Mid-summer cold snap hits Sapa

07/07/2015 15:02

VTV.vn - The northern mountainous tourist town of Sapa – located in Lao Cai Province - witnessed a sudden cold spell on July 4th.

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