Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts on national sovereignty

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photo: VOV
photo: VOV

VTV.vn - President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts have long been considered central to the political philosophy of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

One of the most important aspects of his thoughts are on national independence and sovereignty, which have been continuously implemented in the nation’s struggle for freedom and development over the past 70 years.

National independence, in President Ho Chi Minh’s philosophy, cannot be given up on. This is well reflected through his saying to General Vo Nguyen Giap in July 1945, one month before the August Revolution:“No matter how much sacrifice we have to make, even if we have to burn the entire Truong Son Mountain range, we have to gain independence for our nation”.

Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Trong Phuc, Former Director of Institute of the History of the Communist Party of Vietnam said: “That thought is once again reflected in the words of President Ho ChiMinh’s when he met with troops of the Pioneer Brigade at the Hung Kings' Temple in 1954: “The Hung Kings founded the country, and we must protect it”.

Major General Nguyen Van Nam, Deputy Commander, Chief of Staff, High Command of the Border Guard said: “According to President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, we have to construct a clear borderline that is legally and internationally recognized. That’s a very profound thought”.

Regarding relations with other countries, President Ho Chi Minh stressed: "The Vietnamese government is willing to establish diplomatic relations with any government that respects equal rights and the national sovereignty of Vietnam."

Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Trong Phuc, Former Director, Institute of the History of the Communist Party of Vietnam said: “Ho Chi Minh’s desire for peace and national independence also rests on his permanent willingness to make friendships with other countries, including adversaries, and his permanent readiness for negotiations”.

President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts on national independence and sovereignty are said to be rounded and profound. They have guided the Communist Party of Vietnam and form the basis of dealing with international relations. These thoughts will continue to be applied in Vietnam’s development in the future.


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