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PM orders more timely, precise, effective policy response

10/29/2022 14:51

VTV.vn - Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chaired the Government’s monthly meeting on October 29 during which he requested policy response be made in a more timely, precise, and effective manner.


A humanistic and practical policy

07/21/2022 18:49

VTV.vn - The Minister of Education and Training has proposed that the Government consider exempting all tuition fees for secondary school students nationwide for the 2022-2023 school year at a recently held regular Government meeting.


Flexibly, prudently operating monetary policy

01/18/2020 15:40

VTV.vn - The active, flexible and prudent monetary policy management from the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has contributed greatly to the nation’s macroeconomic stability, inflation control, and economic growth in 2019.

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Policies for disadvantaged areas to narrow development gap

11/25/2019 15:54

VTV.vn - The National Assembly’s 8th session issued a resolution approving a Master Plan for socio-economic development in ethnic areas and other disadvantaged regions. The Master Plan has fine tuned policies on ethnicity to ensure fair development.

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Insurance policy to take effect from February

02/01/2019 10:35

VTV.vn - Starting February 15th, two categories of employees will see a change in social insurance based wage.

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Party foreign relations policies praised

01/06/2017 06:34

VTV.vn - Politburo member and standing member of the Party Central Committee's Secretariat Dinh The Huynh has praised the party's foreign policy achievements at a meeting on Thursday in Hanoi.

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International Day of the Girl

10/12/2016 15:53

VTV.vn - Yesterday was the International Day of the Girl which remarked as the day to raise awareness and promote the protection of the girl around the world.

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Currency policies review 2015 & Outlook 2016

12/14/2015 08:32

VTV.vn - Representatives from the International Monetary Fund highlighted that Vietnam should adopt a more flexible foreign exchange policy to protect the economy from external shocks.

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Loans help families escape poverty

08/13/2015 13:25

VTV.vn - Poor families will be given acces to loans of up to 25 million VND, or 1200 USD to build or repair their houses under and new Government policy.

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Bank of Thailand: Thai economy not in deflationary period

06/04/2015 14:33

VTV.vn - The Bank of Thailand (BOT) has insisted the Thai economy has yet to enter a deflationary period despite negative inflation for five months in a row.

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