Flower village in full bloom for New Year

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Every year ahead of Tết (Lunar New Year), Mỹ Tân Commune in Nam Định Province is filled with splendid flowers.


A farmer transports daisies to market for sale.

NAM ĐỊNH — Every year ahead of Tết (Lunar New Year), Mỹ Tân Commune in Nam Định Province is filled with splendid flowers.

The flowers are in full bloom for spring in time for the biggest holiday of the year.

The bright flowers are matched by the smiles on locals’ faces as visitors flock in.

Mỹ Tân Commune, the largest flower village in Nam Định Province, has about 600 farmers working on more than 200ha. Thanks to rising demand, many have expanded their cultivation areas and can earn VNĐ200-250 million (US$8,500-10,600) per season.

The flowers are the main source of income for local farmers.

Mỹ Tân Commune is located by the Hồng (Red) River, so the land is fed by the river alluvium. This produces more vivid colours than flowers grown in other areas.


Violets are grown by farmers in Mỹ Tân Commune.

About 80 per cent of the flowers grown in the commune are daisies because they are easy to grow. The investment planting is also low. Thanks to fabourable weather conditions this year, daisies are being sold for VNĐ1,500-2,000 ($0.06-0.08) per stem. Daisies could earn farmers from VNĐ25 to 30 million ($1,060-1,280) per sào (360 sq.m), Nguyễn Thị Út, a farmer in Hồng Hà 1 Village, said.

Út’s farm covers 3,000 sq.m. She is one of the few farmers in the village to install electricity and irrigation systems for gladiolies and different types of daisies with ear-catching names such as cúc vàng pha lê (crystal golden daisy), cúc trắng tuyết (snow white daisy) and cúc ánh bạc (silver daisy).

In Hồng Hà 2 Village, making use of the land and experience they have, a lot of farmers have switched to growing lilies.

Nguyễn Văn Đại, a farmer, said that growing lilies took a lot of effort because farmers had to follow weather conditions.

This year he has 3.6ha of lilies. Each stem will be sold for VNĐ30,000-40,000 ($1.2-1.7). He estimates that profits will reach up to VNĐ150-200 million ($6,300-8,500).  — Đạt


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