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Water-by-wind demonstration model unveiled in Ninh Thuan

03/15/2022 17:44 - A water-by-wind (WbW) demonstration model funded by the Belgian Government was officially put into use in the south-central province of Ninh Thuan on March 15.


Ninh Thuan to spend nearly 32 million USD on poverty reduction

03/15/2022 16:08 - The south-central province of Ninh Thuan will mobilise resources from projects and programmes to help the poor improve their livelihoods, thus narrowing the development gap between localities.


Tourism set to become Ninh Thuan’s economic spearhead

02/19/2022 15:22 - The south-central province of Ninh Thuan expects to welcome 3.5 million tourists by 2025, including 455,000 foreign arrivals, according to the provincial tourism development plan announced on February 17.


Trungnam Group inaugurates wind power plant No.5 - Ninh Thuan project

11/14/2021 14:31 - Trungnam Group put a wind power plant with a capacity of 46.2MW into operation in Ninh Phuoc district of the central province of Ninh Thuan on November 14.


Cham people in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan celebrate Kate Festival

09/29/2019 17:44 - Thousands of Cham people in the south central provinces of Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan gathered at temples and towers on September 28 to celebrate the traditional festival of Kate.

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Land erosion affects North-South railway after storm Usagi

11/25/2018 09:26 - Due to the effects of storm Usagi, part of the North-South railway in Thuan Bac district, Ninh Thuan province has suffered from severe erosion.

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Water regulation for drought affected ares in Ninh Thuan province

09/15/2018 16:18 - After their trip to the drought-stricken area of Ninh Thuan Province, the leaders of the Directorate of Water Resources decided that having proper water regulation would be the best solution.

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Timely water for dying lakes in Ninh Thuan

04/24/2018 16:41 - The drought in Ninh Thuận Province is forecast to become more severe in the coming months.

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Drought threatens in Ninh Thuan

04/12/2018 10:19 - Although it's just the beginning of the dry season, drought is threatening many families, especially in remote areas of Ninh Thuan Province.

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Ninh Thuan faces problems in cattle industry

06/14/2017 13:52 - Thousands of cattle have died in Ninh Thuan province due to droughts and prolonged rains.

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Opportunities for Ninh Thuan from grapes and wine festival

09/30/2016 20:58 - Beginning today, the Grapes and Wine Festival will be held in the Ninh Thuận province, the land of vineyards.

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Construction of wind power plant commences in Ninh Thuan

08/30/2016 17:47 - The construction of a 37MW wind power plant began in Phuoc Dinh commune, Thuan Nam district, south central Ninh Thuan province, on August 30.

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Glass-Bottomed Vessels Resume Sailing

08/03/2016 11:00 - Ninh Thuan People's Committee has just allowed 11 out of 14 glass-bottomed vessels go back to operation after a recent floating restaurant sank in Vĩnh Hy Bay.


Ninh Thuan farmers benefit from modernised irrigation technology

06/01/2016 17:13 - Farmers in the south central coastal province of Ninh Thuan have benefited from a project that provided modernised-irrigation technology (MIT) from 2014 to 2015.


Vineyard tour benefit Ninh Thuan farmers

04/12/2016 13:52 - The central province of Ninh Thuận has long been known for its vast vineyards and grape products.

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Ninh Thuan works to save cattle from drought

03/20/2016 10:27 - Ninh Thuan province is one of the leading localities in raising cattle in the Southern Central region.

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Asian kite surfing championship ends in Ninh Thuan

02/29/2016 14:22 - The first round of this year’s Asia Kiteboard Tour Championship has closed on Sunday after 4 days of intense competition.


Ninh Thuan takes action against desertification

12/23/2015 08:19 - Ninh Thuận Province has planted protective forests to prevent desertification, as the province has borne the brunt of the impact of climate change.


Community participation emerging in public management

10/15/2015 12:16 - A conference on community participation and local elections in Vietnam was hosted by UNDP and Oxfam on Oct 13th in Hanoi.

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Cham festival parades Goddess Po Nagar costume

10/13/2015 09:43 - The Cham people hold the Ka Te Festival on October 11th. The Brahmanist event is used to pay respect to gods, ancestors, national heroes and kings and is currently under way in the central province of Ninh Thuan.

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