What is so appealing about the new film "Happy Garage"?

by Hồng Quân06 August 2022 Last updated at 06:00 AM

VTV.vn - They have different fates and live in different circumstances, but each character in the movie "Happy Garage" desires and fights for a better life.

Immediately after I Love The Sunny Day ends, Happy Garage will continue on VTV3 channel. The movie is a story about unfortunate lives and the journey to overcome difficulties to find happiness and preserve each person's ego.

Happy Garage revolves around Son Ca's life. Having been taught by his grandfather to repair cars, Son Ca attended technical college and graduated as an auto mechanic. With a lively and cheerful personality, despite difficult circumstances, Son Ca always thinks positive, being optimistic and self-improving.

Assuming this role, Quynh Kool shared, "A girl who works as a car repairer will have a strong personality. Son Ca has also experienced many ups and downs in life, so this girl is able to bring positive energy to everyone around her."

Son La's character doesn't let anyone know that she is sad and always proves that she is strong. That strength makes Quynh love and sympathize with her character even more."

Playing the role of Mr. Van (Son Ca's grandfather), actor Viet Lien commented that Quynh Kool's acting in the film was very delicate. It helps Mr. Van easily express his affection and love for his granddaughter.

From different backgrounds, but each character in the film Happy Garage desires and fights for a better life with love, help and sharing.

Actress Ngoc Huyen said that when watching the film, the audience will very clearly feel the affection between the characters. "The characters in the film, although they are not from the same family, have love for each other. They are ready to share and help each other in difficult times," she said.

This is the first time director Bui Quoc Viet tries his luck in the genre of family melodrama mixed with crime, detective with many humorous details. "Everyone has a different experience, a different life, but everyone needs a change, everyone needs to be positive in order to live for everyone, for themselves and make others happy" - director Bui Quoc Viet shared about the meaning of the film.

The drama will be broadcast at 9:30 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays on VTV3, starting August 8.


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