VTV’s production on climate change promoted world-wide

by HN01 August 2017 Last updated at 06:00 AM

VTV.vn - VTV’s production Summer in the city has been promoted world-wide in order to raise awareness on climate change

Shifting cities is a media campaign kicked off  by the World Meteorological Organisation. World broadcasters  were invited to produce a series of video, media products to help people understand more about climate change and carry out timely  actions. After the success of 2050 News I and The impact of climate change on Hoi An cultural heritage in 2014 and 2015 respectively, VTV is among 13 world broadcasters  invited to take part in this global media campaign.

Editor Tran ThaoLinh from the  Weather and Disaster Broadcast Center was responsible for the production of Summer in the city. With a scientific-based scenario for the future of summer in Hanoi and its direct impact on people’s lives, Summer in the city tells a story that’s easy to understand yet impactful to audience after its broadcast on VTV in 3 editions on Good morning, 19h News Bulletins and 90 minutes to understand on VTV1 recently.

According to editor Thao Linh, this production took advantage of VTV’s graphic technologies and modern virtual studio system. The graphic design must be featured, able to illustrate the content in such a way that is captivating and appealing to to viewers. The final product is a combined effort of the entire team, from meteorological team, news production team, graphics stimulation, to post-production.

To promote globally, Summer in the city has subtitles in English, French, and Spanish. It was reported that, since 11/7, the production has been promoted globally via United Nations’ channels, World Meteorological Organisation, and other platforms.

Discussing VTV’s participation,  Michael Williams, Media Director of World Meteorological Organisation emphasised: “It’s another wonderful production by VTV, in both story-telling and graphic execution. It provides a realistic picture of how global warming affects people in Hanoi as temperature in the summer continues to rise.”

“Through showing the effects of climate change at the local and national levels, from the impacts on the beautiful waters of Hoi An to the urban population, VTV’s programmes will help every citizen understand the significance of climate change” Michael Williams said.

Apart from Summer in the city being internationally acclaimed, in 2014, Reporting  Haiyan storm  approaching Vietnam also produced by Tran ThaoLinh won “2014 EMS Weather Forecast” by European Meteorological Society.

VTV’s participation in media campaigns on global climate change once again affirms VTV’s position in the international media environment, reflecting VTV’s efforts in promoting, raising people’s awareness of climate change.


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