Vietnamese knowledge sharing mobile app conquered Silicon Valley

by PV07 March 2017 Last updated at 00:00 AM

photo: VOV
photo: VOV

VTV.vn - More than $9 million is the total amount of capital that Gotit!, a knowledge-sharing app for mobile platforms, has successfully received from Silicon Valley in the US.

After more than 2 years after its official release on the App Store, Gotit! has attracted about 30,000 experts from all over the world.

The answer to every students' homework can now be found after a few simple steps. Open the Gotit! app, take pictures of the assignments, and upload. The app will automatically connect them with experts in each field to receive a mini lecture in 10 minutes. For each lecture users have to pay the experts and it's cheaper than any traditional tutoring service.

With this app, instead of going from home to home to tutor children, Vũ Thị Ngọc Anh from the Mathematics Department of the Hanoi National University of Education now can earn about US$87 for every 50 - 60 questions in her free time.

The founder of Gotit! is the young Dr. Trần Việt Hùng along with his colleagues from various countries. The experts apply what they have learned from their diverse technological backgrounds and turn them into things that can help people progress in their studies.

In addition to Jessika, Gotit! has also attracted many key personnel from Facebook and Oracle. They saw the future prospect of the app. Now, whenever a user has a difficult question, they just use Gotit! to find the answer without having to use Google.

Currently, Gotit! is recruiting around 10,000 professionals in Vietnam for the system. Anyone with adequate knowledge, aptitude for natural sciences, and good English skills can work for Gotit! and earn a decent income in their free time.

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