"Vietnamese Film Week on VTV Go" - A gift for Vietnamese film lovers

by Hồng Quân20 November 2020 Last updated at 08:00 AM

VTV.vn - Vietnam Film Development Promotion Association and VTV Digital held a press conference on November 18 to announce the signing of a cooperation agreement on introducing "Vietnamese Film Week on VTV Go".

"Vietnamese Film Week on VTV Go" will screen free of charge movies on VTV Go digital platform. This can be considered as a gift for audiences who love Vietnamese films and are interested in Vietnamese cinema.

According to representatives of Vietnam Film Development and Promotion Association and VTV Digital, the reason as well as the goal of "Vietnamese Film Week on VTV Go" is to promote and honor Vietnamese films through the periods, reach more widely to the audience, contribute to the development of cinema through digital platforms, convey cinematic perspectives as well as behind-the-scenes stories to audiences. In addition, "Vietnamese Film Week on VTV Go" is also an opportunity for movie makers to exchange experiences with audiences.

Attended the press conference this morning at VTV, Dr. Ngo Phuong Lan - President of Vietnam Film Development and Promotion Association; Deputy General Director of VTV - journalist Ngoc Quang; Director of VTV Digital - journalist Le Quang Minh, and special guests who are People's Artists Dang Nhat Minh and Nhu Quynh and Vlog 1977 group .

Ts. Ngo Phuong Lan said at the press conference: "Two months ago, journalist Le Quang Minh, Director of VTV Digital and I came up with the idea of making new products. We shared the same enthusiasm and determination to initiate a new job. And VTV Digital's team and the Vietnam Film Development and Promotion Association have been working on this for nearly 2 months now."

"It's fortunate that we have the support and strong backing from Vietnam Television, from the executive committee members of the Vietnam Film Development and Promotion Association and its member studios, the support of the Ministry of Culture, Culture and Tourism and the Film Department when implementing the work" - Ms. Ngo Phuong Lan said and added: "I hope the cooperation between us will open a new page in promoting cinema on digital platforms, at the same time, contributing to enriching contents on VTV Digital, making them more attractive".

Speaking at the event, journalist Le Quang Minh - Director of The Center for Digital Content Production and Development (VTV Digital), said that hosting an online film week on VTV Go platform is a new event.

"I think the COVID-19 epidemic is just one reason" - journalist Quang Minh said - "Actually this is a trend that has taken place in the world. More and more people will watch films on online platforms. This is an irreversible trend and the COVID-19 epidemic is only accelerating it."

"I call this a "re-marriage" between VTV and cinema since Saturday Afternoon Cinema - a TV program and Ms. Phuong Lan is also the contributor to bringing cinema to television" - journalist Quang Minh continued - "However, for many objectives as well as subjective reasons, the screening of cinema has still been poor on VTV".

"Now, on the digital platform of THVN, VTV once again has the opportunity to shake hands with the Association and the producers to be able to introduce Vietnamese films to domestic and international audiences."

Journalist Le Quang Minh said that the development of digital platforms also greatly supports the movie producers in "ensuring the output of their works".

"If we look at the development of today's platforms, it is almost like the films already find clients while still in production" - journalist Quang Minh said - "I hope the booming of platforms today is also strong enough to create a necessary output for domestic film producers".

Journalist Quang Minh also added that he believes VTV Go platform is suitable to introduce classic films as well as famous films of Vietnamese cinema.

"Vietnam Film Week on VTV Go" is said to be a long-term cooperation project of VTV Digital Content Development and Production Center - Vietnam Television and Vietnam Film Development and Promotion Association. With the aim set out, the project "Vietnamese Film Week on VTV Go" will show free online Vietnamese films typical of different historical periods. Each Film Week has its own theme, along with this themed film collection (such as Film 2016, Lunar New Year film, among others).

In addition to the film screening, "Vietnamese Film Week on VTV Go" will feature parallel activities such as: Opening the Film Week - with the participation of famous leaders, actors, directors ...; talkshow with directors, actors, experts on film stories, behind-the-scenes stories of films shown during the Film Week, among others.

Vietnamese cinema is becoming one of the most profitable and growing cultural industries. In 2018, there are 180 theaters and movie houses cluster, 930 cinemas nationwide, exceeding the target set in the Cinema Strategy to 2020. Meanwhile, Vietnamese movie industry revenue in 2019 was VND 4,100 billion, an increase of 26% over the previous year. This was also the year when sales reached the highest level in box office history. Many Vietnamese films have improved the quality and lured more the audience. Many films also make an impact and create trends on social networks.

However, in 2020, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the worldwide cinema industry is affected and face many changes. Efforts to host film events in countries have been emphasized as many film festivals are held online. However, in Vietnam, there have been no major film events or film festivals this year, all of which have been postponed due to the uncertainty of the COVOD-19 epidemic.

Meanwhile, digital platforms are becoming an environment for developing entertainment services, especially cinema. The number of people using online viewing platforms is increasing, especially in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic. This is a good basis for Vietnamese cinema to transform with technology, promote films to the wider public. Therefore, this is also said to be an opportunity for VTV Digital - Vietnam Television, in collaboration with Vietnam Film Development Promotion Association to organize "Vietnamese Film Week on VTV Go".


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