Vietnamese Family Festival 2023 to open in Hanoi

by VNA25 May 2023 Last updated at 21:59 PM

Illustrative image (Photo: VNA)
Illustrative image (Photo: VNA) - The Vietnamese Family Festival 2023 will take place at the Vietnam Exhibition Centre for Culture and Arts in Hanoi from June 23-25, announced the Ministry of Culture , Sports and Tourism on May 25.

The activity is meant to celebrate the Vietnamese Family Day (June 28) and honour the traditional cultural values of Vietnamese families. Through various events, participants will have the opportunity to interact with each other and share experience in building happy and cultural families.

A photo exhibition titled "Where I Arrive” will truly reflect the lives of young women who migrate to cities to make a living. These women come from various professional backgrounds and overcome numerous challenges to bring up their children and build a happy family.

The Eggs Festival, held for the second time in 2023, is a culinary cultural event as part of the Vietnamese Family Festival. Through this event, families can experience various aspects of egg cuisine, such as egg painting, egg-based artistic creations, and egg-based beverages. Notably, Japanese and Vietnamese chefs will collaborate on stage to showcase their creative culinary skills using eggs.

There will be a photo and video exhibition on the theme "The Stories of Eggs," featuring 30 photos captured by studios, photographers and culinary experts.

The programme "Exchange Eggs for Love" will involve 200 children and their parents who register to bring eggs and receive greeting cards with loving messages prepared by children with disabilities. All the eggs brought to the event will be donated to schools for disabled children and the National Children's Hospital. Participating children will also receive vouchers to taste various egg-based dishes for free.

The first Vietnam-US Cultural Festival 2023, also part of the Vietnamese Family Festival, is to celebrate the 28th anniversary of Vietnam-US diplomatic ties (July 11). It will feature various cultural exchange activities, including a culinary exchange named "When Burger Meets Banh Mi".


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