Vietnam to allow pork imports to ease domestic shortage

by 04 December 2019 Last updated at 11:20 AM

Vietnam is facing a 200,000 tonne shortage of pork in the coming months.
Vietnam is facing a 200,000 tonne shortage of pork in the coming months.

Vietnam is expected to face a 200,000 tonne shortage of pork in the coming months, said the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), which has proposed the government allow more pork imports to replenish the inadequate supply.

Pork is the main source of protein in Vietnam, but the hog herds have been severely depleted due to the African swine fever (ASF), which forced the culling of millions of pigs.

According to MARD, the epidemic has been on the wane since June, with the number of culled pigs in November down 65% from October and down 85% from May when the outbreak was at its peak.

As the ASF eases off, the ministry has provided instructions on how to rebuild their herds by taking biologically safe measures and using biological products to enhance pigs’ immunity.

The agriculture ministry said Vietnam imported 54,000 tonnes of pork in the first ten months of 2019 and has proposed that the government prepare plans to buy more pork from countries with which Vietnam has agreements on pork import and export in order to ensure supply for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) stated that it is monitoring market developments closely towards stabilising pork prices.

It has also asked local market surveillance agencies, especially those in the northern and southwestern borders, to prevent the transport of pigs to other countries, as it could hurt domestic prices and an already limited supply.

The MOIT stated that it is working with the concerned import enterprises to ensure pork supply from now to the Lunar New Year, which falls in late January, and beyond.

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