Vietnam Television won 5 awards at the XXII Vietnam Film Festival

by Hồng Quân20 November 2021 Last updated at 15:00 PM

VTV.vn - At the XXII Vietnam Film Festival, Vietnam Television won big in two categories of Documentary and Scientific Film.

As one of the prestigious Vietnamese film prizes, on the evening of November 20, the XXII Vietnam Film Festival awards were presented to excellent works and film makers of 2021.

This year, Vietnam Television won many important awards in the categories of documentaries and scientific films. In which, two films, Limits and Blind Spots of Traffic (Center for Documentaries and Reports) won the Golden Lotus for Best Documentary Film and Best Science Film. Director Ta Quynh Tu won the Best Director award in the Documentary category, with two documentaries Limits and Road to Reunion.

In the science film category, this year's jury prize went to Ca Tru - Echoes of a Thousand Years (Artistic Program Department of VTV). This work also won the award for Best Sound Design in the Scientific Film category.

These are the results of the XXII Vietnam Film Festival:


* Feature Film Award

- Golden Lotus: Blue Eyes

- Silver Lotus: Godfather

- Jury Prize: Rom, Old Lady V: Regal Lives, Red Dawn

* Individual award

- Best Director: Trinh Dinh Le Minh (Invisible Evidence)

- Excellent Screenwriter: Tran Thanh - Nhi Bui (The Godfather)

- Excellent photography: Nguyen Vinh Phuc (Rom)

- Best Actress: People's Artist Le Khanh (The Old Lady V: Regal Lives)

- Best Actor: Tuan Tran (The Godfather)

- Best Supporting Actress: Ngan Chi (The Godfather, Sunny 3)

- Best Supporting Actor: OTIS (Invisible Evidence)

- Excellent Art Design Artist: Pham Hung (The Old Woman Has Many Tricks V: Real Lives)

- Excellent composer: Christopher Wong (Blue Eyes)

- Excellent Sound Design: Peter Mulheron (Invisible Evidence)


* Film Award

- Golden Lotus: Limits

- Silver Lotus: Red Film, My Light

- Jury Prize: Green Sprout on Fire

* Individual award

- Best Director: Ta Quynh Tu (Limits, The Road to Reunion)

- Excellent screenwriter: Nguyen Hanh Le (The Miracle of Conquering a River)

- Excellent photography: Le Duy Hoi - Ha Hai Long (The Flag at the Van Lau Tower)

- Excellent Sound Design: Chu Duc Thang - Dao Thi Hang (Green Sprout on Fire)

Science movie

* Film Award

- Golden Lotus: Traffic Blind Spot

- Silver Lotus: Mountain Flood

- Jury Prize: Ca Tru - Echoes of a Thousand Years

* Individual award

- Best Director: Trinh Quang Tung (Flood in the Mountains)

- Excellent Screenwriter: Le Danh Truong (Radiation Embolism)

- Excellent photography: Cong Son - Duong Huy - Tuan Anh (White Pollution)

- Excellent Sound Design: Huu Binh - Xuan Phuong (Ca Tru - Echoes of a Thousand Years)


* Film Award

- Golden Lotus: The Wooden Bird

- Silver Lotus: The Teacher of Eternity, The Light Never Goes out.

- Jury Prize: The Secret of the Garden, The Blessed Mother

* Individual award

- Best Director: Tran Khanh Duyen (Wooden Bird)

- Excellent Screenwriter: Bui Hoai Thu (The Teacher of Eternity)

- Excellent Musician: Dang Duy Chien (The Light Never Goes Out)

- Excellent sound: Nguyen Hong Quan (The Light Never Goes Out)

- Excellent visual artist: Le Binh (The Secret of the Garden)

- Excellent Performing Artist: Acting Group of Artists (The Teacher of Eternity)

- Excellent animation skills: Nguyen Quang Chung (Dragon Puzzle Piece)

- Award for film set in Thua Thien Hue: Blue Eyes


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