Vietnam Television won 10 awards at the National Press Festival 2019

by QA18 March 2019 Last updated at 09:00 AM

The special award for “Best Exhibition” goes to Vietnam Television and Voice of Vietnam's exhibition
The special award for “Best Exhibition” goes to Vietnam Television and Voice of Vietnam's exhibition

VTV.vn - Vietnam Television won10 awards in 4 award categories at the National Press Festival 2019 (March 16 – 17)

The 4th National Press Festival 2019 is aimed at honoring the development and achievements of Vietnamese press. It is also an opportunity to honor individuals and organizations that have great impact on the journalism industry of Vietnam.

During the event, national press agencies competed in 6 categories including:

- The Best E-newspaper Interface (20 awards)

- The Impressive Tet’s Radio and Television program (43 awards)

- The Best Tet Magazine Cover (76 awards)

- The Best Exhibition (76 awards)

- The Excellent Report on Environment and Climate change (49 awards)

- The Scientific Articles and Newspaper (23 awards).

There are 268 awards in total at this year's National Press Festival.

Vietnam Television won 4 awards in the category of  Excellent Report on Environment, Climate change:

- 01 B award belongs to “Mat trai cua su du thua”(the Negative side of excess) by journalistsThu Dung, Duc Anh, Tuan Nghia from  Scientific and Educational  Department

- 01 C award goes to “Doi doi nho tom sach” (Improving life thanks to safe shrimp cultivation) by journalists  Dang Cong, Thanh Sang, Trung Hieu from Vietnam Television Center in Can Tho City

- 02 Consolation award for “Thanh pho Ho Chi minh be tac trong chong ngap” (Ho Chi Minh city remains stagnant in fighting inundation by reporters  Truong Giang, Le Mon, Doan Luu, Kim Tien from Vietnam Television Center in Ho Chi Minh City) and “Khong chu quan voi lu” (Being guarded against inundation by  Dang Cong, Quang Nhat, Bach Tuyet fromVietnam Television Center in Can Tho City)

VTV Television Magazine won C award for Best Tet Magazine Cover.

At the nomination for “Impressive Tet’s Radio and Television program”, Vietnam television won 4 awards for these below shows:

- Returning Day: setting sail by the Foreign Program Department

- Welcoming Tet with VTV produced by Entertainment Program

- Department Spring trip  - all over the country by the Scientific anh Educational Program Department

- Tet is Hope by (Youth ProgramDepartment)

Finally, the special award for “Best Exhibition” goes to Vietnam Television’s exhibition.

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