Vietnam Television announces plans to broadcast the final round of UEFA EURO 2020

by Hồng Quân28 May 2021 Last updated at 09:00 AM

VTV.vn - Vietnam Television will broadcast live all 51 matches as well as debates before, between and after the EURO 2020 match.

The UEFA European Championship (EURO 2020) will be held in European cities, from 12 June 2021 to 12 July 2021, after one year of postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Vietnam Television (VTV) owns the broadcasting and media rights of EURO 2020 in Vietnam. Accordingly, Vietnam Television is licensed to produce, operate and use all EURO 2020-related programs on television, the Internet and mobile platforms (including social media) for free and/or for a fee, including:

- The broadcasting and media rights, highlight programs, behind-the-scenes, debates and news related to EURO 2020.

- The right to use EURO 2020 images and documents in other programmes.

- The right to produce match clips, match day clips.

- Radio broadcast and public screening.

Vietnam Television will broadcast live the 51 matches and debates before, between and after a EURO 2020 match on the VTV3, VTV3 HD, VTV6 and VTV6 HD channels and on digital platforms such as electronic newspaper VTV News (VTV.vn) and VTVgo app.

The match debate with new and interesting information and commentaries promises to bring viewers memorable moments watching each EURO 2020 match.

In addition, with the aim of creating an exciting summer, Vietnam Television is expected to produce and broadcast highlight and behind-the-scenes programs.

According to journalist Phan Ngoc Tien, Head of the Sports Programme Production Department, immediately after owning the media rights and becoming the official broadcaster of the UEFA Euro 2020 in Vietnam, Vietnam Television is preparing specific plans for the production and communication on the championship.

However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, many ideas and plans for program for production have been changed to adapt to the epidemic situation.

"EURO 2020 is really special as it has to be delayed for the first time one year due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. And this is also a very special EURO for the producers of VTV sports programmes. Many ideas and plans for TV program production have not been implemented so far and many have to be adjusted. However, in any case, we are ready to enter the EURO 2020 campaign with the programs that promise to hook the audience. Some ideas would not be deployed to ensure safety and prevent infection for crews, guests, as well as reporters of Vietnam Television.

To comply with pandemic prevention rules, only programs which do not require large participation like EURO Diary, EURO Panorama, EURO Rap, Debates before - between - after matches, Exciting EURO, EURO Moments, With EURO Number will be produced, said journalist Phan Ngoc Tien.

On the subject of media and broadcasting rights exchange, a representative of the Editorial Board of Vietnam Television said: "VTV is willing to license the Euro 2020 media rights to other broadcasters according to UEFA regulations on the matters. Given the complicated and dangerous situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, Vietnam Television will not grant the rights to conduct the public screening of EURO 2020 matches."

According to the regulations, media outlets and broadcasters, under authorization of VTV, can use images and clips with a maximum duration of no more than 90 seconds/match for news delivery purposes and without commercials.

Those wishing to rebroadcast the matches must not add any advertising elements, images or sounds (in any form) and keep those contents intact, including:

- Pre-match programme (including commercials): about 40 minutes.

- First half of the match: about 45 minutes

- Debates and advertising between the two halves: 15 minutes

- Second half of the match: 45 minutes.

- Post-match programme (including commercials): about 30 minutes

Total transmission time: approximately 175 minutes - 180 minutes.

All broadcasters of the Final Round of EURO 2020 must be responsible for ensuring control of the transmission system so as to avoid signal overspill outside the Vietnamese territory including:

- The transmission of program signals must be encrypted to prevent unauthorized reception or display outside the territory of Vietnam.

- Transmission on the Internet must be geographically blocked so that it cannot be received or viewed outside the territory of Vietnam.

- Prevent unauthorized distribution of program signals.

- Apply all available means (including geo-blocking, DRM, content protection devices and access management technologies) to ensure that signals are not received outside the territory.

Those that infringe upon copyright in any way will be liable under the law for all losses incurred by Vietnam Television, and will also be directly liable for losses arising in accordance with UEFA regulations.


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