Vietnam - China celebrated

by P.V12 January 2017 Last updated at 09:11 AM

VTV.vn - Communist Party of Vietnam General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong will begin his official visit to China from January 12th to Jan 15th.

The visit takes place before the 67th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries fostered by President Ho Chi Minh.

The traditional friendship between China and Vietnam has been further enhanced via many cultural activities and people to people exchanges. President Ho Chi Minh laid the first foundation to this relation between the two countries more than 90 years ago.

“President Ho Chi Minh has a big influence on the thinking of many Chinese people. His ideology is treasured by many generations. If you ask Chinese youth: Do you know who President Ho Chi Minh is. They will sure answer: He was the prominent leader of Vietnam”, said Ling De Quan - Expert of Centre for World Issue Studies, Xinhua News.

Many historical sites related to President Ho Chi Minh are being preserved in China including the headquarters of the Vietnam Revolutionary Youth Association in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province and the President Ho Chi Minh and Zhuang Ethnic Group Museum in Guangxi Province.

“President Ho Chi Minh lived in many different countries. However, he lived in China the longest. He stayed in China for 13 years. During this time, he established the foundation of the Sino-Vietnamese diplomatic ties. This is the lifetime commitment of President Ho Chi Minh, which impressed me the most”, said Huang Zheng - Former Deputy Head of Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences.

“President Ho Chi Minh and Premier Zhou Enlai were comrades and close like brothers in the same family. They had known each other for more than 34 years. Premier Zhou Enlai even said that President Ho Chi Minh was like his mentor because by the time Premier Zhou Enlai joined the Chinese Communist Party, President Ho Chi Minh was already a senior Communist”, said Nguyen Vinh Quang - Vice Chairman of Vietnam- China Friendship Association.

The diplomatic ties between China and Vietnam after 67 years have achieved many positive results. President Ho Chi Minh and various Chinese leaders laid the foundation for these achievements.

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