VFF conference stresses importance of corruption combat

by VNA06 January 2018 Last updated at 12:02 PM

At the conference (Source: https://baomoi.com)
At the conference (Source: https://baomoi.com)

VTV.vn - The fight against corruption and wastefulness is always an urgent task, requiring the active involvement of the political system and society, including the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF).

The two-day event launched an action programme of the VFF in promoting efforts in combating corruption and wastefulness for 2018-2020, which aims to promote the supervising role of the people in the work.

Participants agreed that this is a practical duty, contributing to building the pure and strong Party and administration.

They stressed the need to enhance coordination among the VFF’s member organisations, and between the front and the Party and State agencies in the work.

The conference also approved the VFF Central Committee’s action coordination programme for 2018, which focuses on improving dissemination work and mobiliation of people to strengthen the great national unity bloc; effective implementing patriotic emulation movements; promoting democracy and representing and protecting legitimate rights of the people; carrying out the supervising role and taking part in Party and administration building; expanding people-to-people diplomacy activities.

In his closing speech, President of the VFF Central Committee Tran Thanh Man highlighted remarkable achievements in 2017, contributing to the successful implementation of the country’s political tasks.

He asked VFF member organisations and chapters at all levels to swiftly implement the action coordination programme, towards creating breakthroughs in the work.

In 2017, the VFF held 7,271 meetings with the ethnic groups with 346,677 taking part, 9,186 visits and meetings with religious followers with the attendance of 586,066 people and 1,186 gatherings to honour 26,990 outstanding and prestigious people at the grassroots level.

The “For the Poor” fund raised a total of 919.483 billion VND (40.86 million USD) while individuals and businesses donated over 3 trillion VND to social welfare programmes in localities. Up to 32,414 houses of gratitude were built and repaired, support was given to 155,423 poor households and health check-ups and treatment were offered to more than 2.7 million poor residents.

The VFF also launched 850 provincial-level inspections, 4,469 others at district level and 45,584 at communal level. It also sent staff to 22,450 inspections held by its chapters and State agencies in localities.

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