Various international TV channels to launch on VTVCab

by Hien Anh Hoang23 March 2018 Last updated at 00:00 AM

VTV.vn - For the first time in Vietnam, several world-famous TV channels, namely Boxmovie1, Hollywood Classics, Planet Earth, KIX and Dr. Fit, etc., will be introduced to Vietnamese audiences.

These famous television programs will exclusively appear on VTVCab and Viettel Next TV from April 1st 2018.

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Favored by their high-valued entertainment and diversity in genres (TV shows, Sports, Entertainment, Children Programs, etc.) that hundreds of domestic and international channels in the paid television system will bring a new wave of fascinating entertainment.

In particular, from April 1st, VTVCab and NextTV will be filled with a series of brand new international TV programs, in which some are broadcasted for the 1st time in Vietnam.

Movies/TV Series: BOX Movie 1, Hollywood Classics, FOX

Entertainment: FashiON, KIX, Woman, Dr. Fit

Science/Explore: Planet Earth, History

Children: Baby TV, Cartoon Kids, Happy Kids

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World-famous, high rating TV series and other interesting programs in the International Channels category on VTVCab and NextTV are expected to be attractive and well-attended by the audiences.

Several Hollywood blockbusters will be introduced to the audience, such as King Kong, The Fast and Furious, 50 Shades of Grey, Twilight Saga on Boxmovie1; as well as TV Series The Walking Dead, S.W.A.T, NCIS, Marvel’s Agents Of Shield, Modern Family, etc. on FOX, which some of them are premiere at the same time as the US. Particularly Hollywood Classics channel gather award-winning and top Hollywood of all time.

Music awards and reality shows are also broadcasted on the VTVCab, from America’s got talent, Britain’s got talent, The X Factor to Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, etc.

As for audiences who love sports, KIX will bring you a wide range of programs featuring adventurous games and martial arts with new experience alongside with other sport tournament around the world. And for those who love nature and scientific exploration, Planet Earth and History should not be skipped.

With the presence of 3 new children channels called BabyTV, Happy Kids, Cartoon Kids; Vietnamese children will approach a new way of entertaining and educating through animation, which is widely loved by other kids around the world, evoking their creativity and imagination.

The flood of new and high-quality international TV channels offers Vietnamese audiences to have an opportunity to entertain themselves on a brand new level of relax on VTVCab and NextTV via numerous attractive and smash-hit programs.

Hien Anh Hoang


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