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by Hồng Quân06 April 2020 Last updated at 18:00 PM

VTV.vn - Episode 1 of the TV drama "Unforgettable Days"" will air on VTV1 at 21:00 today (April 6).

A 30-minute TV drama time slot on VTV1 at 21:00 from Monday to Friday begins with the movie Go Home. Then it was ensued by the TV drama with many suspenseful, thrilling details - Life and Death.

Most recently, the film Don't Make Me Forget was also broadcast this time frame on VTV1. However, only nine episodes of the movie went on air as VTV has interrupted its broadcast to replace it with a "hotter" movie titled Unforgettable Days. With the same cast from Go Home and Others’ Daughter , Unforgettable Day recreates life in urban and agricultural areas of Vietnam when the pandemic of COVID-19 struck.

In the film, the family of Mr. Son (People's Artist Trung Anh) and the people of Yen village witnessed the changes of life when the epidemic was raging. The first incident came when Mr. Son and his family went to Yen village to attend the anniversary of the death of an ancestor, and this village was on lockdown because some villagers caught COVID-19.

At the same time, the wedding of Khoa (Dinh Tu) - Son's grandson - and Uyen (Phuong Oanh) was also postponed until the epidemic passes. Son and his father were stuck in Yen village and could not go home, Vu (Quoc Truong) - Thu's husband (Bao Thanh) - were in an European epidemic area, so they could not fly back home for the wedding. As for Quoc (Tuan Tu) - Hue's husband (Thu Quynh) - who just came back from abroad, he was isolated and caught up with a misunderstanding about an affair with a woman ...

A lot of things happened to Mr. Son's family and Yen villagers in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic outbreak.

The TV movie also deals with other issues of current affairs in the pandemic time such as rushing to stockpile food, hoarding goods, raising prices, fake news, fleeing isolation centers ... Unforgettable Days brought up the story of human love, the sense of responsibility of the individual to the community, the solidarity and gratitude to the frontline forces who are fighting the pandemic. All are depicted in the film vividly.

Unforgettable Days is a production of two meritorious filmmakers Danh Dung - Trinh Le Phong, script penned by talented writers Khanh Khanh Ha and Nguyen Thu Thuy. The film is expected to be of 40 episodes and will air on VTV1 from today (April 6).


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