U23 Vietnam nominated in 2018 VTV Awards

by Hien Anh Hoang05 April 2018 Last updated at 11:15 AM

VTV.vn - With their great achievement in the U23 Asian Cup, U23 Vietnam football team has been nominated in People Of The Year category in 2018 VTV Awards

People of the Year awards individuals or guests for their remarkable moments and dedication on Vietnam Television during the year. In the 2017 VTV Awards, People of the Year is received by swimming athlete Ánh Viên.


Several excellent individuals are nominated in People of the Year for the upcoming 2018 VTV Awards, including U23 Vietnam football team. U23 Vietnam beat Iraq in the quarterfinal, as well as overthrew Qatar in the semifinal and headed to the finale with the most positive and fair-play attitude. Despite the extremely fierce weather in China, our heroes kept the spirit up and wholeheartedly compete during the game, but only lost in the last minutes. Yet, their inspirational stories of these young players do not solely come from the memorable finale.


In spite of not being crowded as champion the in Asian Cup, U23 won millions of Vietnamese fans’ hearts. Never before had people witnessed such a warm and cheerful celebration of the victory. People come together to cheer up U23 with a touching welcome. This is one of the reasons to bring the name of U23 to the list of 2018 VTV Awards nominations.

Besides the team, coach Park Hang Seo is also named in the People of the Year category. This Korean coach is a paramount factor in the process of gaining such achievement of U23 Vietnam.

In the same category emerged the presence of Ms. Pham Thai Lien – a Khmer woman who seeds trees and plants for the community and teacher Dang Van Cuong, who is named as “the father of Hrê children”.

The first voting round of VTV Awards is Sắc màu 2018 will be officially started from March 7th to August 7th. Now, the audience can vote for their favourites nominees on http://antuong.vtv.vn .


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