Tidal Wave of Aquabike Passion: International Coaches Show Off Impressive Achievements

by Khánh Huyền21 February 2024 Last updated at 15:41 PM

VTV.vn - Episode 1, introduces viewers to 3 international coaches - accomplished jet ski racers who lead them to experience and explore Binh Dinh.

Anthony Radetic (46 years old, from the USA) is the winner of the 2017 European Offshore Aquabike World Championship. He is a former US Army pilot and a snowboarder. Anthony Radetic competed in the Invictus Games in 2014 and 2016 and emerged victorious in adventure sports competitions. Although he has mobility issues s and is confined to a wheelchair, this hasn't dampened his spirit but rather fueled his passion and determination to conquer the speed of the waves.

The 23-year-old professional jet ski racer, Jasmiin Ypraus, from Estonia, boasts numerous impressive awards in extreme sports. She has been training training since the age of 13, and has won 13 medals, including the 2nd place in the UIM World Championship 2020 and 3rd place at the UIM European Championship 2020,...

Daniel Svae Andersen (26 years old, from Norway) is a professional aquabike racer, who has secured over 30 medals in professional competitions at home and worldwide. His proudest achievement is winning 4 European Aquabike Championships & 4 World Championships. Despite his young age, he is currently an assistant coach for the Norwegian national team.

Episode 1 of "Surfing the Passion of Aquabike”, not only reveales the “impressive profiles” of the coaches, but also explores the unique culture of Binh Dinh province. Anthony visits famous pagodas, ancient Cham towers, and experiences the tranquility of this land. He expresses pride and gratitude for participating in the program and experiencing the unique culture of Vietnam. Jasmiin Ypraus, on the other hand, walks barefoot in the fields, immerses herself in the green of the young rice, and personally crafts traditional palm-leaf hats in Phu Gia (Phu Cat – Binh Dinh). Like Anthony, the female coach appreciates the peace, warmth, and friendliness of the Vietnamese people.

Coach Anthony

Coach Anthony

Coach Jasmiins experience of making traditional palm leaf hats

Coach Jasmiin's experience of making traditional palm leaf hats

Meanwhile, Daniel explores traditional martial arts in Binh Dinh. He said this is a completely new experience, something he has never done before. "When I think of martial arts, I always think of respect, discipline, and passion. Martial arts is a good sport to improve your physical health and discipline. It also helps improve your focus in everyday life”, said Daniel confirmingthat he will continue to train when he returns to Norway.

Coach Daniel explores traditional martial arts in Binh Dinh

Coach Daniel explores traditional martial arts in Binh Dinh

In episode 1, the coaches had the opportunity to select the contestants for their teams. Anthony's team includes: Le Tan Ho, Ha Van Nghia, Diem Tran Biker. Jasmiin chose Tran Vinh Phat, Tran Anh Truong, Ngo Hai Nam. Daniel's team consists of 3 members: Nguyen Thanh Trung, Do Bich Ngoc, Tran Quoc Binh. The first challenge among the teams, themed "Safety”, is a water motorbike competition based on the provided diagram supervised by the Expert Panel. Each team has to carry out three different tasks. The winning team will be the one with the fastest and most accurate completion time. At the end of the first round, Anthony's team had the highest score, followed by Daniel's team, and finally, Jasmiin's team.

First victory for the members of Team Anthony

First victory for the members of Team Anthony

The winning team in episode 1 is awarded a priority card with the ability to rescue contestants from elimination in challenges during episodes 2 and 3. This card can be used for the contestant themselves or to save a teammate, and it can only be used once.

At the end of episode 1, the recipient of this priority card remains a “mystery”, promising suspense in episode 2, which will be broadcast at 8:30 PM on Monday, February 26, 2023, on VTV3.


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