The program "It's Never Too Late", the highlight of VTV2

by Hồng Quân18 November 2022 Last updated at 11:00 AM

VTV.vn - Through specific stories and characters, "It's Never Too Late" conveys a meaningful message about how every person can improve life, change it in a more positive way.

Referring to the concept of "to change your life, start with small changes, if possible," Vietnam Television's Department of Science, Education runs a program called "It's Never Too Late". In the program, reports are recorded and conducted in the form of reality TV. Therefore, production teams have been deployed to record many significant stories overseas.

"Our criteria is to find typical, compelling stories, with special emphasis on being different. For example, people who used to be loggers but have changed and taken care of the forest, or an older person who still participates in youth sports. We will explain what lead to their changes," shared journalist Trinh Quoc Dong, deputy director of Vietnam Television's Science Education Department.

The highlight of It's Never Too Late is the commentary on the set. From interviews and reports on change, guests who are celebrities, experts in many fields and characters in history will give their views and perspectives on the program's theme. According to journalist Trinh Quoc Dong, in the studio there will be a debate with many contradictory opinions and conflict on a topic to make the conversation livelier. In the end, the audience will have an idea of what path we should follow to change our lives.

Unlimited Change, Overcoming Age, U60 Women Driving Across Vietnam, Studying Stories are interesting topics that the "It's Never Too Late" program sent to the audience in the first episodes. Through specific stories and characters, the program conveys meaningful messages about how each of us can improve and change our lives for the better, regardless of age, circumstances or conditions.

"It's Never Too Late" airs at 4:45 p. m. on Sunday and at 8:30 p. m. on Wednesday on VTV2. Please stay tuned!


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