41st National Television Festival opens March 15, 2023

by Hồng Quân18 November 2022 Last updated at 08:00 AM

VTV.vn - The 41st National Television Festival will open on March 15, 2023 (Wednesday) and close on March 18, 2023 (Saturday) in Hai Phong.

Following Notice No. 1 (No. 74/TB-THVN of 08/12/2022), the Organizing Committee has issued another notice on the 41st National Television Festival.



1. The official duration is 4 days: Opening on March 15, 2023 (Wednesday) and Closing on March 18, 2023 (Saturday).

2. Location: Hai Phong City


1. Grading and classification of 11 categories.

1. Programs for children

2. Documentaries

3. Reportage

4. Short report

5. Thematic Program - Science Education

6. Talk show

7. Television program in ethnic minority language.

8. Music and dance program

9. Theatrical show

10. TV series

11. Video on digital platforms

2. Seminars and forums for professional exchange in television.

2.1. Workshop: News production and distribution in the digital era.

2.2. Workshop: Television Graphics - Practice and Development Trends.

2.3. Workshop on television technology.

3. Parallel activities

3.1. Photographic exhibition on activities of the national television industry.

3.2. Technical exhibition of television technology.

3.3. Sightseeing in Hai Phong.

3.4. Charity activities of the Vietnamese Heart Foundation.



1. Information Center

The Information Center is the place to receive and guide the delegations attending the Festival and to notify the Organizing Committee, the Jury and the participating units at the request of the Organizing Committee.

This center is the place to receive comments (there is a hotline to receive comments) and answer questions from delegates.

The Center provides confirmation of information about the participating delegations: time of arrival; detailed information about the delegation; registration for participation in the Festival activities; receiving documents, invitations, schedule of activities, gifts from the Organizing Committee.

This is also the place to welcome journalists to work, provide official information about the Festival, receive registrations and arrange interviews at the request of journalists.

The Information Center will start operating 2 days before the Opening Ceremony and will end its operation 1 day after the Closing Ceremony.

2. National Television Festival Software and Website

The National Television Festival uses the official software and website: https://vtv.vn/lienhoantruyenhinh :

- Official announcements of the National Television Festival are made by the Organizing Committee through this site. Festival participants should periodically access this website to receive information.

- There is a software for participant to register entries, delegates, and their participation in Festival activities,

- The festival's page is also the place for the exhibition of the works.

3. Festival Facebook and Zalo pages

- The Facebook and Zalo page of the National Television Festival ( http://facebook.com/lienhoantruyenhinh and zalo lienhoantruyenhinh) are the place to update the Organizing Committee announcements to participating units, information, pictures and Festival activities daily.

On Facebook and Zalo pages of the festival, the Organizing Committee will create topics related to the content of seminars, collect feedback from members and comments and inform the organizers of seminars.


1. General Provisions:

- The entries are television programs broadcast for the first time in 2021 and 2022. In the case of feature films and documentaries, the broadcast of the works may begin as of 2020, but the final episode must air in 2021 or 2022.

Particularly for the "Video on Digital Platform" category, entries for the competition are products released in 2021 and 2022 on own digital platforms.

- Your work should not be submitted on behalf of another for the competition.

- One entry is not allowed to compete in various categories.

- Except for documentaries and feature films, each entry is registered in a single file. If the author divides a work into multiple files, each file will be counted as a separate work.

2. Regulations of the contest categories:

2.1. Children's program: each contestant is allowed to send up to 02 programs, each program is no longer than 30 minutes.

2.2. Documentary:

- 01-episode documentary: Each contestant is allowed to submit up to 02 documentaries, each no longer than 60 minutes.

- Documentary series: Each contestant may submit 01 documentary. Each has 02 to a maximum of 15 episodes whose duration must not exceed 30 minutes.

If the unit participates in both categories (01-episode documentary and multi-episode documentary), each category will only admit 01 submission.

2.3. Report: Each contestant may submit a maximum of 02 reports, each must be no longer than 15 minutes.

2.4. Short Report: The Short Report category of the 41st National Television Festival has the following rules:

Each contestant may submit up to 03 short reports, each no longer than 03 minutes 30 seconds; in which at least 01 short report has a positive and impactful content.

The short report must be broadcast in the newscasts of the Radio and Television Stations participating in the Festival. The broadcasting time is stipulated in the general rules of the Festival.

Vietnam Television contestants will not compete in this category.

2.5. Thematic - Science and Education Programs: Each contestant may send up to 03 programs, the duration of each program should not exceed 30 minutes.

2.6. Talk show: Each contestant may submit up to 02 programs, the duration of each program should not exceed 60 minutes.

2.7. Television programs in ethnic minority languages: Each contestant may send a maximum of 02 programs, the duration of each program should not exceed 30 minutes, specifically:

- Thematic program in ethnic language: 01 program.

- Cultural and artistic program in ethnic language: 01 program.

Each work must be accompanied by written narration in Vietnamese. Programs with Vietnamese subtitles are recommended.

2.8. Entertainment Show:

From the 41st National Television Festival, the category will admit the following works:

(a) Music and Dance (Music, Music Film): program that is staged and of own production and broadcast on television stations and radio; event coverage program is not qualified. Each contestant is allowed to submit a maximum of 02 works, each must not exceed 90 minutes.

b) MV (Music Video): Must be of own production and broadcast on television stations and radio stations. Each contestant can send a maximum of 02 works, each must not exceed 7 minutes.

2.9. Theatrical program:

From the 41st National Television Festival on, the Theatrical Program category will admit programs as the following:

(a) Stage: Each contestant may send a maximum of 02 entries, each having a duration of no more than 100 minutes.

b) Television Drama: Must be a stand-alone program, not a component of another program. Each contestant is allowed to send a maximum of 02 programs, each is no longer than 45 minutes.

2.10. Drama: Each contestant is allowed to submit a maximum of one single episode film, 02 short films and 03 feature films. The specific duration is as follows:

+ Single episode film: no more than 100 minutes.

+ Short films: Each film must not exceed 5 episodes; each episode must not exceed 45 minutes.

+ Feature Films: Each film has from 6 to 60 episodes; each episode must not exceed 45 minutes.

In the registration, the contestant must attach a plot of the film and of each episode, and a list of film crews.

Dramas with adapted scripts or adapted from foreign literary works are allowed to participate.

2.11. Video on digital platforms:

The 41st National Television Festival has a Video on Digital Platforms category with the following requirements:

- Contestants may use materials from a television program to produce digital products, but not a complete television program. The products will be graded in two sub-categories:

+ Videos on digital platforms with political content.

+ Videos on digital platforms with educational and entertainment content.

- In this category, the Organizing Committee only accepts entries from contestants whose requirements are specified in Group 1 (clause VI.1 of this Call for Entries). Each is allowed to send a maximum of 02 works; each work must not exceed 30 minutes in length.

- When registering an entry, the participant must provide (through the registration software) the interaction metrics (reach, likes, shares, comments) and the link to the work on the digital platforms provided by the owners (as of the date of registration).


The entries should adhere to the orientations of traditional education, deeply and vividly reflect the achievements in the fields of politics, economy, culture and society of the country; tell the stories of good people, good deeds and pioneering examples in building a new cultural life, eradicating hunger and alleviating poverty, overcoming natural disasters, fighting corruption and negativity, protecting national security, order and social security, traffic safety, building a new advanced culture imbued with national identity.


- The 41st National Television Festival will have Gold, Silver and Consolation Awards. Special cases will be decided by the President of the Festival.

- The Organizing Committee will announce the Gold and Silver awards and will present them at the Closing Ceremony. The consolation prizes and the announcement of the overall results will be given to the participants by the Organizing Committee after the Closing Ceremony.

- The cash prizes will be transferred by the Organizing Committee to the winning unit according to the unit's account number registered in the software.


1. Number and designation of judges: Unchanged with respect to Notice No. 1.

2. Time for grading the work.

Depending on the number of entries, judges will grade 2 to 3 days in advance. The grading of television series and documentaries category will be held in January 2023.


1. Regulations on the participating units

a) Group of participating units

- Group 1: Each television station, television channel belonging to ministries and associations, broadcasters of provinces and cities; program production units, Vietnam Television Regional Centers and units whose programs are regularly broadcast on VTV; television program production units under Voice of Vietnam.

- Group 2: Private or public units with the function of producing television programs (other than a broadcaster) if the program was broadcast on a television or radio channel during the year (certified by television stations or broadcasting stations). Competing units from the previous Festival are automatically qualified to compete in this Festival.

b) Registration procedures to attend the Festival

- First time participating units must register in writing and officially become contestants when written approval is available from the Organizing Committee.

- Group 2 units must re-register in writing if the previous festival is not attended.

- Application for registration to participate in the Festival must be sent to the Editorial Secretariat, Vietnam Television (No. 43 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi) by December 22, 2022.

Phone: 024.38343445 (Ms. Doan Thi Thanh Huyen).

2. Delegation Registration:

Units register the Delegation in the National Television Festival software at https://vtv.vn/lienhoantruyenhinh .

- All participants to the Festival must be registered in order for the Organizing Committee to issue a delegate card. Only authorized delegates can participate in the main Festival activities such as: Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Reception, Seminar, Sightseeing.

- The bank account information must be accurate for the Organizing Committee to transfer the prize money (for award winner).

- The telephone number of the Head of Delegation should be registered so that the Organizing Committee can easily contact him/her during the festival.


1. Registration of entries

- Register your works through the software of the National Television Festival as prescribed. Register your works before January 15, 2023. In particular, the category of television series, multi-episode documentaries must be registered before December 15, 2022.

-When registering for the contest, authors and groups of authors must declare their full name and surname (not pseudonyms). The author group must be fully registered with the main production titles. At the expiration of the registration period, the Organizing Committee will not make changes to the list of authors.

2. Form and time of submission of entries

- TV series, multi-episode documentaries: each work is copied into 05 flash drives according to the guidelines of the Organizing Committee, to be sent in December 2022 for pre-qualification. Flash drive receiving address: Organization - Administration, Editorial Secretariat, Vietnam Television, 43 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. Phone: 024.38343445 (Ms. Doan Thi Thanh Huyen).

- All other categories: each entry must be 01 file with the format and file named according to regulations. Contestants send the files mainly via FTP instead of hard disk (according to the instructions of the Organizing Committee). If you do not have an ftp account, please apply through dk.ftp.lhth@gmail.com so that the Organizing Committee can provide you with an ftp account and password.

Those who do not have the conditions for transmission and VTV contestants (at 43 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hanoi) will copy all entries on 01 shared hard disk. The deadline is February 10, 2023.

- Address for receiving hard disk and contact for transferring files via FTP as well as instructions on flash drive for copying entries: Technical Section, Editorial Secretariat, Vietnam Television, 43 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. Phone: 024.62735576.

3. Copyright and reproduction of works

- The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the authors. Participants are responsible for their own copyrights.

- Those wishing to make copies of any entry must negotiate with the producer. The Organizing Committee does not make copies of the entries.

- The Organizing Committee has the right to publish entries on the Festival Information Page for public exhibition and information about the entries.

- The Organizing Committee will set up a program exchange room (with a computer system connected to the Internet) next to the Information Center for the delegations to discuss copyrights.

4. Technical regulations.

Technical regulations on file format and file naming, technical instructions for file export, file submission to contest; the user name and password for logging into the software remain the same as for the 40th National Television Festival.

The manual is posted in the Technical Instructions section of the official Festival website at: https://vtv.vn/lienhoantruyenhinh for easy reference.

Contestants participating in the Festival for the first time, please contact the Editorial Secretariat - Vietnam Television for technical instructions, account and password to log into the Festival software. Phone: 024.62735576.

(The provisions of Notice No. 1, No. 74/TB-THVN dated August 12, 2022, which are in conflict with this Notice, are hereby rescinded.)

Above are information and regulations of the 41st National Television Festival - March 2023 in Hai Phong. The Organizing Committee is looking forward to the enthusiastic response from broadcasters nationwide.


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