Singapore Food Festival enchants Vietnamese food lovers

by Dai Trang - VTV09 July 2015 Last updated at 14:51 PM - If you are a food lover and enjoy discovering the diverse world of cuisine, the 2015 Singapore food festival is for you.

Organized by the Singapore Embassy in Vietnam, the event aims to mark Singapore's 50th Anniversary of Independence and kicked off last night in the capital city of Hanoi.

Chili crab, pepper lobster, chicken rice and many more. These are all on offer for the price of 45 USD. But in return, you can taste a variety of foods in a 5 star restaurant and enjoy this exciting event which is being held for the first time in Hanoi.

For Singaporeans living in Hanoi, the event offers them a great chance to taste authentic cuisine through a wide selection of the country's popular dishes.

Berry Ng, Singaporean Diner said: "The food is value for money because I can rarely enjoy Singaporean food in Vietnam".

Nguyen Cong Trung, head chef at the festival, said that to prepare for the event, his team had made careful preparations.

Nguyen Cong Chung, Chef, Singapore Food Festival: "Most of our hotel's team is present today. There are about 30 chefs involved in the festival and we have prepared well. For example, with the chili crabs, we have bought 40 kilograms of crabs for this opening night because this is the most popular Singaporean dish".

The opening ceremony of Singapore food festival attracted around 250 guests from Singapore, Vietnam and many other countries. The month-long event does not only celebrate Singapore's 50th National Day this August, but also hopes to introduce the lion city's cuisine to Vietnam. It also provides insight into the country's culture and tourism.

Ng Teck Hean, Singaporean Ambassador to Vietnam said: "Because Singapore is a multi-race, multi-ethnic society so here there are foods from ethnic Chinese, Malaysian, Indian cuisine as well as other region. SO it's quite of a good spread of multi-culture of Singapore".

The event also hopes to support the community by donating money to some social groups


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