September Takeoff: Oxygen for life

by Hồng Quân19 September 2021 Last updated at 09:00 AM - The September Takeoff program continues with the main topic of current interest, the COVID-19 epidemic.

In September, the COVID-19 epidemic remains the top concern. Social distancing cannot be enforced much longer. The question is how to live with the epidemic, protect people's health and the economy and maintain social security.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh stressed: "People are looking forward to the epidemic passing every day, and to do so, we must repel and win the epidemic through a combination of effective measures and solution. We do not allow the disease to spread. We adapt safely to it and reduce mortality with vaccines and medicines, as many countries in the world are doing."

Being able to breathe fresh air and work is the desire of every person. Those wishes will come true when the epidemic ends and life returns to a new normal. September Takeoff with the theme "Oxygen for Life" will tell optimistic stories during the epidemic season about adaptation and responsibility of each person towards the community and society.

That's the story of the guests at the H.O.P.E. Center, who take care of babies whose mothers are being treated for COVID-19. The center has 25 volunteers who will be divided into 3 crews to take turns every 14 hours. All volunteers were trained in first aid skills by the hospital and supported by their nurses. In addition to the 25 volunteers, the center's staff also supports outdoor and general hygiene during the children's parenting time.

The "mothers" of the Center are all very young. They are teachers, flight attendants, editors, students, preschool teachers. Everyone stays at the Center for five weeks to ensure the safety of the children.

September Takeoff also tells the story of a company that has changed its production method, supplying oxygen to hospitals in the fight against COVID-19. In addition, the program also refers to a 12th grade student from Ho Chi Minh City, who is also a coronavirus patient and who has just recovered from the disease. The character has had unforgettable experiences of remote learning, taking international exams online, and preparing for the new school year.

Stay tuned for September Takeoff with the theme Oxygen for life airing at 8:10 pm on September 18, 2021 on VTV1.


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