"Secrets of Money": special talk show on market analysis, investment strategy

by Hồng Quân04 March 2022 Last updated at 13:00 PM

VTV.vn - Broadcast the first issue in December 2021, so far, the program has really been an important "companion" at 11:20 am every Wednesday for young investors, thanks to providing valuable information on the movement of the market...

The market has experienced many volatile events since December 2021: the case of selling a large number of undeclared shares, domestic investors selling a large amount to the market near the end of the year.

The market has experienced many volatilities since December 2021 such as the selling of a large number of undeclared shares, or a large amount of stocks were sold by the end of the year.

"Secrets of Money" together with experts analyzes, comments and gives sharp lessons of "key takeaways" to the investment community, not only basing on current events, but also through similar events in the past.

Mr. Do Thanh Huy, Smile Care's manager, is a loyal spectator of the weekly show. Huy said the program gave him many good ideas and perspectives in investment and personal finance management.

"Besides the main source of income from the dental clinic, I have gained a greater understanding of investment channels, associated risks and opportunities, so I use money more effectively. I learned more about compound interest and now, thanks to flexible cash flows, I always have more capital to invest in my business, which is my dental clinic," Huy said.

Leading the last 10 episodes of "Secrets of Money" are thre familiar faces, with experience in the financial industry: host Duong Ngoc Trinh who asked questions that touched on the core problems of investors; expert Pham Luu Hung (Mr. X30) - Deputy Director of SSI's Securities Investment Advisory and Analysis Center (SSI Research) with a simplified and understandable explanation and reporter Hoang Nam with multidimensional perspectives.

To make it suitable with Generation Z, the generation that likes interesting and new things, the program offers a unique style of conversation about securities: vibrant, fun, youthful. "Secrets of Money" with the participation of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and celebrities become the most anticipated investment news, education and entertainment program each week by young investors.

In addition, for each theme, the program invites guests who are experienced in the financial market: CEO La Giang Trung of Passion Investment ; or Mr. Dinh Duc Minh - Chief Investment Officer and Managers of VEOF and VIBF funds who will help the audience find the answer for themselves.

"Secrets of Money" is also a weekly live talk show about finance. The massive following of the audience, with an average of 10,000 live viewers and around 150,000 - 200,000 viewers who replay each show, proves the special appeal that "Secrets of Money" has.

In addition, the program is also supported by a number of prestigious newspapers and websites such as CafeF, CafeBiz, Afamily, Channel 14, Viettel Media, The Companion, among others, which work together to create a healthy, useful, current and highly educational ecosystem for young people and investors.

Continuously bringing to the audience valuable knowledge and experiences as well as ups and downs emotions, the program "Secrets of Money" will continue to be broadcast on the VTV Digital platform in the coming days.

Its goal is to closely follow and analyze the market in an ever more accurate way, based on professional knowledge, so that "The Secret of Money" truly becomes a reliable partner for the investment community.


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