Season 3 of "Beyond the Citadel" aired on VTV3 starting September 11.

by Hồng Quân11 September 2022 Last updated at 06:00 AM

VTV.vn - Game show "Beyond the Citadel" is back on VTV3 with many new changes that promise to continue to engage the audience.

Following the success of the previous two seasons, the third season of "Beyond the Citadel" continues to bring relaxing moments to television audiences. As a strength-based game show that combines knowledge questions, "Beyond the Citadel" requires players to hang on the wall and be quick to find the right answers to difficult questions.

Beneath the Citadel wall is a hole up to 10 feet deep, with only a moment's distraction, the player can fall through at any time and be eliminated from the game.

Not just a game of strength, "Beyond the Citadel" requires players to have intelligence, speed, a spirit of steel and persistent bravery. This is the Vietnamese version of the original Block Out format, developed from a popular game from the famous entertainment TV show Pharaoh in Japan. In each episode, two teams (four members per team) have to pass three rounds: Overcoming the City Gate, Overcoming the Wall and Seizing the City.

In addition to requiring quick wits and flexible mobility, "Beyond the Citadel" requires the cohesion, stamina and luck of team members to overcome the wall. In the previous two seasons, the show attracted the participation of many artists from both the South and the North, such as: artist Le Giang, artist Minh Nhi, artist Thuy Nga, singer Long Nhat, singer Vu Ha, actress Lan Phuong, actor Anh Duc, actor Anh Vu, actor Manh Quan, comedian Le Duong Bao Lam, model Cao Ngan, model Duong Mac Anh Quan, TV presenter Miko Lan Trinh.

In the first season, Dai Nghia and actress Viet Huong were the hosts of the program "Beyond the Citadel". In season 2, Dai Nghia and actress Lan Phuong led the program. In season 3, the two faces in this position are Hoang Rapper and actress Kha Nhu. "Beyond the Citadel" Season 3 will have many new changes, bringing together contestants from different background across the country.

Watch the broadcast of Crossing the Citadel season 3 at 8 p.m. every Sunday on VTV3, starting September 11!


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