Revised laws to promote civil and human rights

by VTV428 June 2016 Last updated at 10:25 AM

VTV.vn - A series of amended codes which enhance the protection of civil and humans rights will go into effect on July 1st, such as the Criminal Procedure Code and the Civil Procedure Code.

The legislative agenda for the 13th National Assembly produced a number of laws to protect civil and human rights, in accordance with the 2013 Constitution. These new regulations are regarded a major improvement in the country’s law system.

"There are many improvements to ensure the protection of civil rights. For example, the amended Criminal Procedure Code stated clear regulations clarifying the innocence of individuals. Another example is the right to refuse to give statements of people held in custody without the presence of a lawyer. Remand facilities also need to be equipped with recorders and cameras to avoid the use of violence against those detained." - Pham Thanh Binh, Director, Bao Ngoc Law Firm

Suggestions have been offered to make new regulations widely known by the public, so that citizens understand their protected legal rights and interests.

"Our lawyers usually participate in training courses held by the Vietnam Bar Association to provide updates on the latest legal documents in effect and about to take effect. We also join conferences held by the Ministry of Justice and Vietnam Bar Association, and seminars held by the Supreme People’s Court." - Lawyer PHAM THI THU, Director, Number One Law Firm.

Lawyers also think that it is important to help citizens be aware of new regulations that are about to take effect.

"We think that the government needs to raise public awareness through trusted information channels, including law firms and organisations." - Pham Thanh Binh, Director, Bao Ngoc Law Firm

"Court officials need to help citizens understand their rights and duties, and it can be done through trials." - DO DUC BIEN, Chief Judge, Military Zone 3 Court, Ministry of Defence.

Law firms and organisations have provided consultation to governmental agencies to better promote the civil rights, which are protected by the newly amended legal documents.


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