Regulations and Rules of Sao Mai 2022

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VTV.vn - The organizers of the Sao Mai contest have just published an official communique on the Regulations and Rules of the Sao Mai 2022 contest.

Viet Nam Television organizes the Sao Mai Award every two years to promote the singing movement throughout the country. The aim of the award is to discover singing talents of three musical genres that are currently popular in Vietnam: chamber music, folk music and pop music.



The Sao Mai 2022 contest is divided into 2 rounds as follows:

I. Competition calendar:

1. Regional selection round (round 1)

Includes two competitions: preliminary competition and regional final competition.

- From June 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022: submission of candidate's registration documents at the national level.

Candidates submit their application form on the website https://saomai.vtv.vn

- From July 1, 2022 to August 15, 2022, the regional selection round will be held in three regions including the North, Center and South.

+ The Department of Culture and Art and the Vietnam Television Centers in the Central - Central Highlands region, the Vietnam Television Center in the South region will be in charge of the selection of candidates from three regions, namely the North, Central and South in July and August according to the schedule of the Organizing Committee. The announcement will be updated on May 23, 2022 on the website https://saomai.vtv.vn and digital platforms of Vietnam Television.

+ The Radio and television stations from the provinces and cities will organize local singing contest (if any) and send the first prize winners in each musical genre to the regional contest of the Sao Mai Prize 2022.

Round 1 will be taped and broadcast on the "Road to Sao Mai 2022" program, which is expected to air in the second week of August on Vietnam Television's television channels and Vietnam Television's digital platforms.

2. National final (round 2).

Includes 4 qualifying nights and 2 opening nights.

Round 2 will be held in September 2022 in Hai Phong City and will be broadcast live on Vietnam TV.

II. Registration form and selection process

1. Registration form:

- Register online on the website https://saomai.vtv.vn

- Registration documents include:

+ Application form

+ Identity Card.

+ 01 video file of the contestant performance

+ Certifications at the request of the Organizing Committee

Note: Applications sent to the Organizing Committee will not be returned. The Organizing Committee has the right to use the contestant's video file for the purpose of promoting the show.

2. General requirements of candidates:

Eligible participants must meet the following conditions:

2.1. Be a Vietnamese national or foreign national of Vietnamese origin, aged between 18 and 30.

2.2. Contestants must not be subject to investigation by law enforcement, have morals and lead healthy lifestyle, and must be responsible for their declaration in the application form submitted to the Organizing Committee.

2.3. The candidate must be verified through valid documents that he/she is a legal citizen by one of the following three institutions:

+ Education and training institutions where they are studying.

+ Agencies and units where they are working.

+ Local government of the place where the candidate currently resides.

3. Selection process of candidates in regions (North - Center - South):

- Each contestant will go through the qualifying round to enter the regional final round.

- In the regional final round, each contestant records 3 songs of a musical genre of their choice (the song must not infringe copyright, and the fine customs and culture of Vietnam).

Note: 3 songs registered are 3 songs that the contestants must perform at the request of the Organizing Committee.

- After registering, the contestant wishing to change the registered song or music genre must seek approval by the Organizing Board. In the national final round, the contestant cannot change the registered music genre.

- The jury in 3 regions established by the Organizing Committee will comprise musicians and singers with experience and reputation.

- The organizing committee, based on the quality of the qualifying rounds in the three regions will select the right number of candidates representing three music genres to participate in the national final round in September 2022 in Hai Phong.

The total number of finalists nationwide is 15, in all three music genres.

- Requirements for candidates to automatically enter the regional qualifying round are as follows:

+ Candidates who entered the final round of the Sao Mai National Final 2017, 2019 (hosted by Vietnam Television) if they meet age requirement.

+ Candidates who obtained the First Prize of the Young Talent Contest for Students of National Schools of Culture, Arts and Sport (organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism in 2020, 2021) if they meet age requirement.

+ Candidates who won First Prize in provincial or city singing competitions in 2022 will be able to enter the final night of the regional final competition (only one of the three regions North-Central- South).

- The Organizing Committee will draw on the actual quality of the 3-region qualifying rounds to select the appropriate number of candidates to attend the national final round in September 2022 in Hai Phong.

The total number of finalists nationwide is 15 in the 3 genres of music.

4. Structure and content of the National Finals (round 2):

4. 1. Selection criteria for candidates for the national final phase of Sao Mai 2022:

From 3 rounds in the North - Central - South region, 15 candidates will be selected to the national final round (15 highest score winners according to the classification table, regardless of the regions). Five contestants will be chosen for each music genre.

4. 2. Contents of the contest nights:

(The specific content of each night will be decided by the Organizing Committee).

- Final Night 1:

In this round, three contestants of lowest scores in three music genres will eliminated, the remaining 12 contestants will go to the final night 2. (One contestant of each music genre will be eliminated).

- Final Night 2

Three contestants with the lowest score of three musical genres will be eliminated.

- Final Night 3:

Three contestants with the lowest score of three musical genres will be eliminated. The remaining 6 contestants will go to final night 3. (One contestant of each music genre will be eliminated).

- Final Night 4: Final ranking of the Sao Mai Award 2022

With the participation of 6 excellent contestants representing 3 music genres

The competition includes:

* Performance of 6 songs by 6 contestants

* Performance of 6 contestants with guest singers

The award ceremony will be announced and held on site at the end of the program.

5. Jury:

- There will be 01 jury for each night of competition of the national finals 1, 2, 3 which includes seven members who are musicians, famous artists or music instructors. (The membership of the jury is changed every night according to the decision of the Organizing Board). Jury members are present each night and give score directly after the candidate finishes the performance.

- There will be 01 Jury for the final qualifying night, consisting of nine members who are famous musicians, artists or music instructors. The jury members will be present on the night of the competition and give score directly after the candidate finishes the performance.

- Scoring rules: Judges grade the performance on a 10-point scale for each contestant in each musical genre. The candidate with the lowest score will be eliminated.

The scores given by the judges should not differ by more than 02 points, if the difference exceeds 02 points, the two judges with the lowest and highest score are obliged to adjust the score.

In case 2 contestants have the same score, the Chair of the Jury will make the final decision.


1. Official awards of the Organizing Committee

- First Prize: 3 awards for 3 musical genres

- Second Prize: 3 awards for 3 musical genres

- Consolation prizes: 3 prizes for 15 candidates qualifying for the national final (The prize winners are expected to be the promising contestant, the contestant with the best performance, the contestant with the most appropriate selection of songs).

- The audience will vote for the winners through the program's digital platform.

2. Some other prizes

- It is expected that there will receive awards from the Vietnam Musicians Association, awards from professional music training institutions, sponsors and localities where the program takes place.

- Highest prize winners will have the opportunity to perform at the ABU Song Festival and VTV Awards.


1. Contestants must agree to comply with the organizational and professional requirements established by the Organizing Committee. Before participating in the festival, candidates should carefully read the rules and regulations of the Organizing Committee. The presence of the candidate in the contest automatically means he/she agreed to comply with the rules, decisions and regulations of the Organizing Committee.

2. During the national final round, contestants must show up one week before the show begins to rehearse and participate in side activities and are only allowed to leave with the permission of the Organizing Committee.

3. During the time of participation in the national final round, contestants must comply with all rules on accommodation and rehearsal time according to plan.

4. During the time of participation in the national final round in Hai Phong, the organizers will be responsible for the cost of meals and accommodation; expenses related to training, performance and other activities planned by BTC.

5. While participating in the competition, contestants must not wear revealing clothing, nor wear outfits with logos or product brands or printed foreign language words or phrases.

6. Contestants must not use their own instruments or request special instruments, or use their own bands for personal reasons. Contestants who wish to use their own remix must register with the Organizing Committee; contestants who do not have the remix will be given one by the Organizing Committee.

7. All contestants participating in the contest must comply with the requirements and be subject to the instructions of the Organizing Committee (for example, participate in social activities, promotional presentations, among others, without remuneration).

8. With respect to the copyright of the songs performed:

Contestants who use the exclusive song must be responsible for the copyright, secure consent for the presentation of the party that owns the exclusive song. The Organizer will not be responsible for any copyright issues that arise.

9. The Organizing Committee has the right to disqualify any person who, in the opinion of the Organizer, does not meet the professional requirements, or commits acts, makes statements or causes problems detrimental to the reputation of the prize. In this case, the contestant is responsible for compensating the damages if requested by the Organizing Committee.

The Organizer reserves the right to change the process, content, plan or regulations at any time to adapt it to the actual development of the tournament.

10. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the personal material damages of the contestants and participants of the competition. The Organizing Committee would not return the files and papers that the contestants submit to participate in the contest.

11. The Organizing Committee has the right to modify and supplement the Regulations and Rules to adapt them to the development of the tournament.

12. The Organizing Committee will not resolve complaints and claims (of the contestants and of any individual or organization) about professional results or personal matters arising and dismiss the intention to resolve in accordance with the laws of the host country or the laws of countries other than Vietnam.

13. All decisions of the Organizing Committee are final.

14. Contestants who qualify for the final but voluntarily withdraw without justification will have to compensate for material damage. Cases with special reasons will be considered by the Organizing Committee. They must comply with the regulations during the national final round.

15. Candidates in the national final phase shall sign a commitment to comply with the content of this Regulation and with the relevant rules of the Organizing Committee established during the implementation of the program.

16. Candidates can consult the call, the regulations and the registration form on the website https://saomai.vtv.vn .


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