Promoting the strength and resilience of Vietnamese entrepreneurs

by NDO13 October 2020 Last updated at 16:35 PM

A ceremony to honour outstanding Vietnamese entrepreneurs in 2019
A ceremony to honour outstanding Vietnamese entrepreneurs in 2019 - This year the Vietnamese Entrepreneurs’ Day is celebrated in a special circumstance, with the world struggling to contain the coronavirus pandemic and wrestling with global economic recession.

In the meantime, Vietnam has been recognised by the World Health Organisation and other countries as a bright example in bringing the virus under control while achieving the highest growth rate in Southeast Asia.

The economy expanded by 2.62% in the third quarter, much higher than in the previous three months, helping Vietnam to record 2.12% growth for the January-September period and laying a foundation for the economy to start accelerating from October.

Export revenue was decent with in the first nine months, reaching US$203 billion, up 4.2% over the same period last year. The economy posted a trade surplus of US$3.5 billion in September, raising the trade surplus for the first three quarters to a ten-year record of nearly US$17 billion, of which the domestic sector played the most important role.

Despite unprecedented difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic, the manufacturing sector still managed to grow by 4.6%, along with 5% growth in wholesale and retail, and 6.68% in banking, finance and insurance, helping to compensate for some contracting sectors such as mining, which fell by 5.35%.

The common success of the Vietnamese people under the leadership of the Party and State has seen the foremost role of the Vietnamese business community and entrepreneurs.

In order to build on such success, entrepreneurs need to continue demonstrating their resilience, creativity and flexibility with adaptive solutions for each sector, industry and unit. They also need to uphold the spirit of solidarity, cooperation and mutual support in order to expand the domestic market and quickly catch up with the demand of foreign markets.

If Vietnam can do well in outbreak prevention, the pace of socio-economic development is bound to be restored and Vietnam can take advantage of its early success in containing the virus to make the economy grow faster and stronger in the context that the world is still struggling with the pandemic.

It is worth celebrating that businesses and entrepreneurs are receiving more and more support from all levels of government, as well as the encouragement of the press.

With a heroic tradition and a new momentum, along with the spirit of striving to create new achievements to celebrate the upcoming national Party congress, Vietnamese entrepreneurs will exhibit an even stronger spirit of resilience and creativity.

Such a spirit has been indicated by the efforts of the business community and entrepreneurs, who are working hard to restore production and bolster exports.


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