Promoting the pioneering spirit of youth

by NDO11 February 2022 Last updated at 17:48 PM

The Youth Union has performed successfully its functions of representing, caring and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of youths and children.
The Youth Union has performed successfully its functions of representing, caring and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of youths and children.

VTV.vn - The 12th National Congress of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCMCYU), for the 2022-2027 tenure, a particularly important political event of the youth nationwide, is scheduled in late 2022.

This will be an opportunity for the Youth Unions, at all levels, to renovate their contents and modes of operation, while strengthening the organisation and apparatus and foster and select individuals with sufficient qualities and capabilities, to help the Youth Union’s work. This will also help youth and children movements to develop strongly, amidst the complicated and unpredictable changes of the domestic and global situation, especially the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Directive No.08-CT/TW, by the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee, noted that over the past five years, under the care and concern of the Party committees and organisations and the whole political system, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, has always served as a reliable reserve team to the Party and a socialist school of the youth. The Union has performed successfully its functions of representing, caring and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of youths and children. However, the role of the youth unions in some places, notably in residential areas, has been highlighted. The gathering of youths in the non-state economic sector, industrial zones and overseas Vietnamese communities, have not yet met the requirements. The Party’s development work among young people has been limited. Some youths have shown signs of deterioration in ideals, morality and lifestyle, and made social evils and law violations.

The youth’s strength has been clearly seen through a series of revolutionary action movements deployed by the Youth Union over the recent period. In response to the new operation motto of “Pioneer-Support-Adaptation” launched by the Youth Union, under the coordination of the Vietnam Young Physicians’ Association, thousands of doctors, nurses and students have sacrificed their personal happiness to volunteer on the front line against COVID-19, to protect the community’s health, as well as enthusiastically researched the equipment and products that contributed to repelling the pandemic. During the most difficult time, the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs’ Associations, in many provinces and cities, mobilised social resources to urgently realise many initiatives, such as Oxy ATM and infection (F0) ATM, in support of fighting against the pandemic.

Members of youth unions and volunteers were present at quarantine checkpoints and goods provision places, day and night. Sometimes, the number of students supporting vaccination against COVID-19 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City reached tens of thousands. However, on the contrary, there were some young people who were not creative, afraid of innovation and slow to catch up with youth trends.

Accordingly, at the congresses of Youth Unions at all levels, the local unions should creatively utilise and propose more breakthrough solutions, to drastically innovate the operation methods and modes, in association with key tasks, such as participating in building and protecting the ideological foundation of the Party and the political system, while taking care of, protecting and educating teenagers and children.

In order to promote their role of a companion with youth, especially those of "Generation Z", the Youth Unions at all levels, should regularly and seriously review, evaluate and quantify their effectiveness and attractiveness, through their programmes, models and operations in the localities and units. The Youth Unions should be dynamic and bold in personalisation, so that the young people are both subjects and beneficiaries, thereby arousing emotions and energy of young people towards the Youth Union. In addition, the Youth Union cadres at all levels, should avoid thinking of social networks as rivals. Instead, it is essential to consider them as a partner to take full advantage of the positive aspects, strengthening the effectiveness of youth gathering via internet.

Whether at home or abroad, young Vietnamese people have a great love for the homeland, a national pride and aspiration to devote their energy and wisdom. Therefore, the Youth Unions at all levels, must have methods of inspiring the aspiration and dreams of young people and unite all youth union members and young people, for the sustainable development of the country. Therefore, the Youth Union cadres should always consider themselves as a link, connecting young people as well as regularly improving qualifications, knowledge, skills and profession, contributing to improving the effectiveness of youth revolutionary action movements, in the new era.


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