Promoting patriotism among overseas Vietnamese

by P.V08 December 2015 Last updated at 09:04 AM

VTV.vn - This year’s National Patriotic Emulation Congress drew the participation of 15 overseas Vietnamese representing 14 countries and territories.

They are considered an important factor in encouraging the patriotic movement among the Vietnamese communities from all over the world.

t seems that the ‘patriotic role model campaign’ isn’t that familiar a term to overseas Vietnamese. However, their love for Vietnam is shown in different ways, creating a foundation for the role model movement.

"Overseas Vietnamese have established funds for charity to support the poor as well as areas affected by floods or droughts back in Vietnam. Some have also contributed to the country through investment in businesses or construction projects", said Pham Van Duc, President, Overseas Vietnamese Association in Angola.

"By preserving Vietnamese culture, overseas Vietnamese people have indirectly participated in the patriotic role model campaign. For those who don’t have financial capacity, this is also a way to show their patriotism", said Pham Thanh Xuan, Executive Committee, Overseas Vietnamese Association in Russia.

The patriotic movement has faced many difficulties in promoting its popularity among overseas Vietnamese communities due to obvious cultural differences and experiences abroad.

"This campaign isn’t very well known among overseas Vietnamese. I myself didn’t know much about the movement so I just do things that feel right. But when being invited by the Vietnamese government to the congress, I felt very happy", said Vo Thi Kim Cuong, Head, Overseas Vietnamese Communications Committee in Nepal.

Apartment from promotional activities, other suggestions were also discussed at the congress in order to raise awareness about the campaign.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs plays an essential role in urging executive members to more eagerly participate in the campaign", said Pham Van Hung, Vice President, Vietnamese Association in Laos.

"We should highlight good examples of Vietnamese overseas, just like how we do at the National Patriotic Emulation Congress", said Nguyen Thi Bich Yen, Journalist in Austria.

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