Preserving Party’s glorious history, writing new golden pages

by NDO03 February 2018 Last updated at 21:01 PM

The entire Party and people of Vietnam are striving for a modernised and industrialised economy.
The entire Party and people of Vietnam are striving for a modernised and industrialised economy.

VTV.vn - Today marks the 88th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), which has taken a glorious journey along the nation’s most heroic pages of history.

The CPV was founded by President Ho Chi Minh and is the pioneer of the working classes and the entire Vietnamese nation.

The emergence of the CPV was a great turning point for the Vietnamese revolution, marking the end of the crisis of searching for national liberation strategies. The Party’s inception is the inevitable result of a productive combination of Marxism-Leninism, the Ho Chi Minh Ideology, and the workers and patriotic movements in Vietnam.

Looking back at the past 88 years, although there have been the occasional errors, the Party has always earnestly criticised itself and corrected any mistakes to maintain the trust of the people and lead the country to triumph over all of its challenges to record victory after victory.

Under the leadership of the CPV, the Vietnamese people have prevailed as they created great miracles in the 20th century, with the pinnacle being the August Revolution of 1945 that led to the overthrow of the imperial-colonial regime, followed by the resounding triumphs against the French and Americans to reunite the country as one proud and undivided nation.

Notably, Vietnam has recorded significant achievements in more than 30 years of economic reform as launched by the CPV.

The past 88 years have demonstrated that the Party’s sound leadership is a major factor in every victory of the Vietnamese revolution and it is through such leadership, that the CPV is continually challenged and toughened up so as to deserve the continued trust of the people.

At present, the entire Party and people are striving for a modernised and industrialised economy with the goal of staunchly defending the motherland and building a wealthy, strong, democratic, equal, and civilised nation.

2017 was a successful year for Vietnam despite the great number of complicated issues arising both at home and around the world. The entire political system actively pushed for strong reform so that fundamental economic targets were met and often exceeded. Last year was the first time in recent years that Vietnam met all of the 13 socio-economic development targets, with GDP growing by 6.81%, the highest in nearly ten years.

With the onset of 2018, the Vietnamese Party and State will remain steadfast on the path to reform, focusing on economic growth, Party building, and cultural development. The reform of the political system will be implemented along with economic reform in order to meet the requirements of developing a socialist-oriented market economy and deeper international integration.

During the process of leadership, the CPV has always regarded Party building as a key task. The Party building and rectification movement has achieved important early results, helping to prevent political and moral degradation, corruption, wastefulness, and bureaucracy while optimizing the leadership and combat capacity of the Party.

For further growth, the CPV needs to uphold its fine traditions, build a pure and strong organisation, reform its leadership methods, increase interactions with the people, and tap into the strengths of the entire nation.

Celebrating the New Year, the entire Party and people of Vietnam will continue to successfully implement the CPV’s resolutions and write new golden pages in the history of national construction and defence.


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