PM orders intensification of anti-nCoV measures

by NDO31 January 2020 Last updated at 23:00 PM

Children wear facemasks while visiting the Hanoi Book Street on January 31 (Photo: VNA)
Children wear facemasks while visiting the Hanoi Book Street on January 31 (Photo: VNA)

VTV.vn - The Prime Minister freshly issued a directive on the intensification of measures against the nCoV, in face of the complicated developments of the acute respiratory disease caused by the virus.

The directive said Vietnam is facing a very high risk as it has a long border with China which sees busy activities. Authorities have taken many strong and resolute measures against the disease, but in many localities the spirit and the perception on the work are yet to be high while concrete and proactive plans are yet to be worked out.

As such, the Government leader ordered that authorities, organisations and individuals must strictly implement the PM’s directives on January 23 and 28, as well as the Party Central Committee’s document on January 30.

Localities sharing border lines with China must establish communications channels with their Chinese peers to intensify the work, the granting of permission for all the flights from China’s affected areas to Vietnam and vice versa be suspended except special cases approved by the PM, the directive said.

It further added that the issuance of tourist visas to foreign visitors who are or were in China in the past two weeks must also be suspended except official visas on special cases, and the entry and exit with border passes halted.

Localities are ordered to limit large gatherings, authorities forbidden to send Vietnamese workers to China, and trade and exchanges with China discouraged during the time of the epidemic.

The Ministry of Health must work out a plan and measures to cope with and control the disease, to be submitted to the PM by February 2, the Ministry of Information and Communication must intensify the information and communication on the situation and measures against the disease, and the people are asked to proactively implement advisories by relevant authorities.


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