Pham Minh Chinh re-elected as Prime Minister for 2021-2026 tenure

by NDO/VNA26 July 2021 Last updated at 17:00 PM

PM Pham Minh Chinh takes oath at the event. (Photo: VGP)
PM Pham Minh Chinh takes oath at the event. (Photo: VGP) - Pham Minh Chinh was elected as Prime Minister of Vietnam for the 2021-2026 tenure on July 26 during the first session of the 15th National Assembly in Hanoi.

A resolution on the election was endorsed by all 479 deputies present, or 95.99% of total lawmakers. The document takes effect right after it was approved by the legislature. Pham Minh Chinh, born on December 10, 1958, is a member of the Party Central Committee in the 11th, 12th and 13th tenures, a Politburo member in the 12th and 13th tenures and a National Assembly deputy in the 14th and 15th tenure. He has served as Prime Minister since April this year.

PM Chinh took oath the same day, swearing absolute loyalty to the fatherland, people and the Constitution of Vietnam, and pledging to work hard to complete all missions assigned by the Party, State and people.

In his speech at the swearing-in ceremony, PM Chinh said that the Government in the new tenure will continue the efforts to build a Government of solidarity, integrity and discipline; streamlining, efficiency and effectiveness; and dynamism and innovation with active and proactive actions to implement the Resolution released at the 13th National Party Congress and NA resolutions.

Amid the complicated developments of COVID-19 pandemic, the highest goal of the country is to protect people’s health, safety and security, he said, calling for the solidarity of the entire people in fighting the pandemic and boosting socio-economic development.

The Government leader underlined the need to implement the key task of building the pure and strong Party, improve the leadership and combative strength of Party organisations and members in the Government and authorities at all levels, contributing to building a rule-of-law socialist State of the people, by the people and for the people.

The Government will continue to complete the socialist-oriented market economy mechanism, concentrate on leading and directing the national industrialiation and modernisation in line with the development of green economy and agriculture-based economy, protection of natural resources and environment and climate change adaption, he said.

Breakthroughs will be created in developing the strategic infrastructure system, while resources will be allocated in a harmonious, proper and effective manner among key regions and the rest of the country as well as ethnic minority-inhabited, mountainous, border and island areas, he added.

At the same time, the Government will build a plan to enhance human resources quality to meet the demands for sustainable development and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, he said, adding that strong growth will be made in areas of education-training, science-technology and innovation, thus improving productivity, quality, effectiveness and competitiveness of the economy. A national programme on digital transformation, digital economy and digital society will be built and realised in order to create new motivation for development.

The Government will also reinforce the defence and security strength, resolutely and persistently safeguarding the national independence, sacred sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, and ensuring social security, order and safety, especially human security, he stressed.

The PM said that the Government will stay persistent to the external policy of independence; self-reliance; multilateralisation and diversification of relations; active, comprehensive, deep and effective international integration; and being a good friend and trustworthy partner and responsible member of the international community.

It is consistent in settling disputes over territorial sovereignty, especially sovereignty over seas and islands, by peaceful means on the basis of international law; while maintaining a peaceful and stable environment for rapid and sustainable development of the country in new conditions, he stated.


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